Trouble Syncing The Blockchain


I’m helping someone set up the core wallet and it says 4 years and 13 weeks even after the bootstrap and replacing the Chainstate and the other file suggested in another thread. I successfully synced mine on my mac so I know I can do it. He is using windows 10.

I was going to suggest hi to just simply get the chrome extension light wallet and move his RDD there to get it off the exchange but when I set that up, I’m having trouble with it confirming the RDD transfer myself. I’m submitting this question in the mean time to see if anyone has a solution for syncing the blockchain faster than 4 years. The bootstrap and replacing the 2 files only sped it up by 10 weeks. So it went from 4 years and 23 weeks to 4 years and 13 weeks.


Until the chrome extension is stable and/or there’s another RDD wallet that will work with the chrome wallet passphrase I wouldn’t store anything of consequence in the chrome wallet… In my view there’s no replacement for the core wallet which I’ve had no problem sync’ing on Win 8.1 and Win 10.

If you’re not getting sync and you’re certain the Windows Firewall has the necessary Inbound Rules (prompted to be accepted upon installation of the core client) you might try a few “addnode=” in reddcoin.conf. Here’s the nodes returned by running “getpeerinfo” in the console of my fully sync’d v2.0.1.2 full node


You need to download bootstrap.dat