TX lost in Limbo

Damn. This one really seems lost in limbo… Reddsight says that the TX doesn’t even exist.

Basically i sent 100k (hard earned!) from my tipping wallet to my staking ReddPi… but no joy:


The addy i sent it to: RdoAEvB2u2tLTKo3JK4hWiU1QvL2fStLdx
The TX id: 4104903a93263c1e0a670ccf0319f5b8ac5aba87d764725290863b13dfbbd1da

…sigh. Thanks for any help!

Didi Wow…not sure about this…but lets start with the basics…is your software up to date? ie the current version? The addy seems good https://bitinfocharts.com/reddcoin/address/RdoAEvB2u2tLTKo3JK4hWiU1QvL2fStLdx

TX id shows nothing…it just throws a blank page…are you sure you are not on TEST NET or something weird like that?
TX id: 4104903a93263c1e0a670ccf0319f5b8ac5aba87d764725290863b13dfbbd1da

Thanks, but none of the above is wrong to my knowledge. The addy should have way more than that anyway.

I may have exhausted the pool address or something (which is very unlikely)… this .dat is used in 2 different computers - but never at once!

Moreover since i started using the nodeBB tip button strange things started happening (you will notice that the last TX dates are mixed up).

…i’m as lost as that TX. Lol.

Didi said:


Come on then lets think about this logically…you are using your .DAT on two devices but never at once…
So you are moving your wallet back and forth between two devices…( I can’t imagine that is easy to do)
I have 3 computers…all Macbook Airs…2009 2010 2011 plus a Windows 7 device…I have Reddcoin on one of each…I dread having to move my wallet but to keep my life simple I will send the balance to myself across the network…to my other wallet…and then reset all my coins ages and be back to staking…
Its easier for me than perhaps messing up by copying my dat back and forth. I save the whole dat thing for Crisis mangement…lol…

Your client said the coins were sent…to six nodes…but no confirmations…

No confirmatiions…no transaction no transaction…no coins sent?

Shoot me please but i never had 100k in that wallet to start with. (¿?¿?)


This is using an old backup. I mean. If this info is true (although TX dates are mixed up again), it makes sense for the TX to be a “ghost TX”. But the reason why i had more than i actually seem to have beats me. I’ll ditch this wallet ASAP, i need to test if it works first.

Didi Trying to spend unconfirmed coins? No idea…but…you have issues…that I have no idea of how to solve…its a math thing…days dates and times need to be correct on your computer…Ima let you write the story and make some dinner…I am hanging out…so I will be learning along with you.
This old dat is from this or the other computer?

you have issues

Yes i do.

In all seriousness though, this means that i’ll need to “overwrite” the .dat more often since the only explanation i can find is something wrong with the address pool (i.e. while i tend to move the .dat back and forth, i don’t usually do it straight away - meaning that even though the wallet will never have two instances running at once, some TXs could “overlap”, for lack of a better word).

But where did the “extra” 10k or so come from still beats me.

Thanks for the help anyway! This is odd.

Didi I think you need to back up this wallet…for now…3 different locations…One on the computer 2 in the cloud and One on a USB…make sure you have a good name date and time on it…

Then, do a transaction sending all coins in this wallet to yourself…at a newly generated address…once that happens…back up your wallet .dat to 4 different places AGAIN with a good name…and date… Then start by exporting to Excel…a transaction log file…and see if you can compare that against the Block chain…or maybe you should do that first and then do a transaction to gather all your coins under One address…and do a back up…as long as you are synched and on the correct block chain…10k hey bonus


Thanks for all the good advices… i have a regular backup routine both for my ReddPi (weekly, at least) and for my tipping wallet (whenever i feel like it actually). This backup wasn’t that old actually, it was from last week when i noticed strange things happening when using the tip button. And 10k are not a big deal either, 99,99% chances are that i didn’t had that amount to start with… it’s ok. :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

Didi Have you ever sent coins with one copy of your wallet.dat and then overwritten it with the other copy?

GrayPhoenix that’s what i usually do (overwrite with the last used .dat)… Guess it’s better not to do it. Electrum is around the corner anyway. :slight_smile:

Well, besides respending coins, you could try dumping the private keys and making a new wallet… :slight_smile:

Didi Basically, if you send RDD from one wallet.dat and some of the coins are returned to a newly created change address, that change address will not exist in your other wallet.dat copy.

Not sure if that’s your problem, but I believe it would result in lost coins and maybe some other weird behavior.

tecopos thanks, that’s what i’ve done. :slight_smile:

GrayPhoenix yep i knew that… But iirc, the default addy pool size is 100 so in the example above the change address does exist beforehand regardless of the wallet i’m running, and i find it hard to believe i did exhaust the address pool. But ah well, no biggie. I’m doing things that you’re mot supposed to be doing anyway.

…i hate typing on a phone.