Unconfirmed/Missing Transactions

Hey Guys,

I have recently sent 3 transactions from my RDD Wallet to another RDD wallet elsewhere.

All transactions I sent via RDD Wallet, one was accepted into the other wallet (13,000) but 2 have not been. They were done at separate times but from my same RDD Wallet. One is saying confirmed but hasn’t been received and tx is not able to be found on the blockchain and the second transaction is saying unconfirmed.

I have sent multiple emails to the help address, as requested I have responded with the outdated RDD Core number I was using (v2.0.0.0-71819f2-beta). I have also had a look at some of your help to other people in this forum and have been trying to troubleshoot myself. I have backed up the wallet.dat file and also downloaded a new Core. However there was another article you helped someone with similar to this but I cannot find the program files exe file, noting I am using a MAC and the person who had similar problem was using Windows.

Please let me know what I can do noting I am on a MAC, have backed up the dat files, also have RDD outdated as detailed above and also have the new version of RDD Wallet downloaded. From what I have seen on Reddit I need help to access and create shortcut for the EXE file.

Thanks so much.


Yavuz has already been in contact with me and fixed all the issues above. Thanks guys, much appreciated.