Unconfirmed transaction, no reply from support for 4 days as yet

Hey all,

Anyone know how to get hold of the support from the email above?

I’ve emailed the help email 4 days ago, but have not had a reply yet.


Hi there.

I am the handling the issues with Reddcoin Core on the Reddcoin Helpdesk, on a voluntary basis.

Last few days have been a bit busy (with other commitments)… I have seen your ticket (it seems that have submitted 2 quickly after each other). I will get back to you as soon as possible, you should get an answer today.

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I’m sure you’re really busy, but I was hoping for some further help to your message that I have replied to a week ago, just waiting knthe netx step from you.

Many thanks

Thank you Yavuz, transaction has now been freed and the rdd are back in my wallet! (^_^)

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Hey Yazuv, I have sent a few emails to the inbox regarding some transaction issues I have been having. You have replied to one but not to the follow ups. Understand you are very busy but would love to get a solution to the issues I am having. Thanks so much.