UpDate on WhyCoin

I am a bit “rummy” from about a week of adding Learning Modules… now have several hundred. Under our new method of getting coins “Proof of Knowledge” … you go to Whycoin.net and select a study set, then after study…you get a testing set (multiple choice or true false and some have matching) Click on the “check results” at the bottom… You can take the test’s until you get an “A”…We award 500 to 5000 coins based on the subject. (for those “test challenged” people take Addition)

It’s still a work in progress.

The next project is a proposal to the Oklahoma Department of Health…they have a serious problem!

They passed a Regulation that every food establishment has to have a “Certified Food Safety Manager” present during all hours of operation. They will spring this on many thousands of businesses Jan 1, 2016! I will present them with a “course” online…the fund will charge $10 for the course…the potential income is $200,000 in three months.

That ought to perk the coin up a tad!


I was trying to read and answer the queries however I only get errors on the whycoin website.

romiferns I don’t understand! What specifically are you doing and what is happening?

Edit: I assume you were doing addition and the true and false test wasn’t working…I fixed it.

The other two tests were working. http://whycoin.net