Wallet changed receiving address during sync - transaction lost now?!


i just started crypto weeks ago and a friend bought some RDDs for me.

I downloaded Reddcoin Core Wallet and gave him receiving address *RbnzX…’.

After sync was finished (it started syncing via internet, to accelerate, i used bootstrap and sync finished then via internet sync) the wallet is showing other/new receiving address (RuXo…)

No chance to find the old one, were the RDDs got transferred to.

My first backup has been done after sync was finished (didnt see the need to backup during sync?!).

Tried to uninstall and install app again - no success.

Reboot from backuped wallet.dat - no success.

Salvage wallet - no success (maybe i havent done this correctly - quick help rgd the right commands would be appreciated)

Means RDDs are lost now or any chance to get them? :confused:

(live.reddcoin.com showed transaction as succesfull)

Thanks for your support!