Wallet crash

For some reason my wallet crashed and now I have to sync all over again. the second problem is after every hour my wallet stops responging and I have to restart it. Does anyone know how to fix this?

That is weird tbh because i can leave my wallet open for days without problems… Maybe some pc issue? Cant help u…

mine also…what a hot mess they got with wallets over at Reddcoin… absurd and wrong…they left it up to the customers to lose coin and get totally frustrated … I spend hrs trying to sync and patch up this mess… I lost 1K in Reddcoin today… foolish …they don’t give a damn

gotta wonder if Reddcoin is a legit operation & coin…implosion all of a sudden big time 50% drop…whose pumping and dumping…doing heavy PR and then pulling the rug out ? There wallets are archaic and need serious damage control and upgrades…they left it to the customers to figure it all out… they got a good presentation regarding social media coin but don’t see anything going on with it… could be scam coin…and the guys behind the curtain just pulled millions off the table… maybe their hard work bullshitting on Twitter & Reddit paid off…not bad for about 2 weeks work drumming it all up and then BAM… just implodes… within 3 - 5 hrs…

Redd3030 Reddcoin was 0,0008 last month and now it it 0,0090 that is an insane gain. and about the drop. All the coins did, just look at fricking NXT they are back where they were last month. they were 0,45 and they rose till 1,80. now they are back to 0,50. and just so you know you buy Reddcoin for the long term and to use it in social media if we wanted a quick buck we would’ve invested 50k and then just pull out.

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It dropped across the board because everyone is blasting there profits… That money will come back in the new year be patient it will be worth the wait.

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Close Reddcoin Core Wallet.

Delete everything in C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\Reddcoin except your wallet.dat.

Download a very up to date blockchain from:

Copy paste contents of that .rar in the above mentioned folder.
Start Reddcoin Core Wallet again and let him sync the last few weeks/days.

Give me a shout out if you need more help.

PS: I did try using that bootstrap, but it didn’t do a lot for me. As that thing still needed to sync almost 4 years of blockchain -_-’.