Wallet did not save...lost wallet.dat file

Help, (running Windows 10 64-bit and new to crypto and staking). I downloaded the wallet from reddcoin and began the installation. During the sync I transferred my rdd coins. The sync stopped so I closed out of the app to start it again but now it wants to start a new wallet from scratch! I can’t find any data from the original wallet in the AppData/Roaming folder nor the wallet.dat file. How can I save my coins?

Do you have file versioning on? You may be able to recover the wallet from windows shadowcopy. Go up one directory from the wallet file, right click Reddcoin, check the “Versions” tab.

lvtion I tried that but no current copies with Reddcoin folder. I think the first install only loaded in memory and didn’t write to AppData. I tried running it a second time and it wrote to AppData and it’s keeping it staying even when I close the wallet. Sooo frustrating to lose coins. If I know the public address any way to recover?

I downloaded ReddCoin Core version and Qt 5.2.0

Some sort of message/warning not to transfer/deposit tokens until the sync completes would be nice for us neophytes. Though i’m not sure that would’ve helped in my situation.