[Wallet] Official Release - Reddcoin Core v2.0.0

Thanks strerd
A japanese translation would be welcome

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Seems to be working as far as my noobvision serves myself.

I need sleep now, good luck and good night!


all is working well with the new wallet. staking as we speak!


congrats gnasher, the new wallet works seamlessly. I will get a raspberry to stake 24/7


Dropped in OSX wallet (forgot to backup wallet.dat) but no trouble. Works fine.


FaintinGoat FYI, a minipc with an SSD drive would probably increase you stake rate compared to a raspi. I was staking on a old optiplex 160, then upgraded to a zotac zbox w/ SSD and my staking rewards are significantly more frequent. I think a slower cpu like a raspi might be about the same as my old optiplex. I never realized this until I upgraded…uses 15 watts instead of 2 watts though, so the raspi does save electricity.

dragonfrugal So Better cpu stakes faster? or if i remember well its all about how much weigth your wallet has on the network? Gnasher is this correct?

PC performance does have some bearing on how successfully you stake. But more to do with confirmations and consensus, rather than increased hashrate.

I have a variety of hardware for testing (P4 -> i7 & IDE HDD -> SSD).

What I have found is that storage disk is probably the biggest bottleneck.
There is a lot of disk IO doing on in maintaining a wallet,

If you were on a rasbpi, i would probably suggest using a small SSD for data storage.
(This is untested, but based on reading other information (bitcoin) on configuration)

Gnasher I am currencly using my laptops SSD. So basically…what happens if my ssd is full of only the RDD i guess data? can this be deleted to continu using it…or i would need a external hard drive? and keeo all the hard drives that get full?

At a basic level there is only 1 file that is super important.


However, in the course of time, using a full node (Reddcoin Core) you are downloading (or creating) a new block every minute. This of course requires storage (currently the blockchain is 2.75GB). To run a full node, you must hold the full blockchain.

If your HDD is approaching full, i would suggest branching off to a 2 HDD, or up size your current.

Gnasher So if i understand well, the blockchain data size is what i musrt be able to support? so i guess this can grow with time making the demande for better HDD/ SSD? since what i understand , to be able to keep staking you would need better HDD OR SSD. just like in the btc world where you would need more efficien mining equipment due toi the minign difficulties? does this DATA that yoiu say about the block chain go much higher? thus creating …HDD STAKING FARMS ? lol

Reddcoinnoob must admit… this IT stuff is sure complicated at times

Reddcoinnoob generally speaking, storage is the main concern.
Other POS requirements will gradually increase over time (CPU/Memory/Bandwidth) but not to the degree of POW.

If you are on the heavy end of staking (>100,000,000rdd), you will probably find that the system operates under a heavier load than a system staking less. This is expected behaviour as the wallet need to be able to index and store the lookup more data.

I think in time, we will need to have discussions about the recommended hardware for different staking levels

Yes, this would be great for those interessed in doing this. But I can imagine what can be needed when the loads are over 100,000,000. A staking grid hahahah. Challenge accepted. Lol.

Nice work, John.

Small thing: On OS X, the new font is rendering a little weird for me, perhaps without anti-aliasing?

alt text

Big_Map_Idea have a couple of questions:
What version of OSx
Was this the pre-build image, or you compiled yourself
If you compiled yourself what version of
What display type are you using.

I am only able to test using a VM, which does not adequately display output.

Just reading through Bitcoin issues, and OSx has some SDK and font rendering issues across different versions.

Gnasher It’s from a 2010 Macbook Pro, non-retina. OS X 10.11.6

This screenshot is from the DMG I downloaded off Github today. I did not compile anything.

Cool, just getting a baseline on what to look for

Too many versions of OS to compare :slight_smile:

Up and running on Win10 64b. Thanks John :slight_smile:


Gnasher - could you send a text file with everything that needs Japanese translation. I can pick away at it in my free time. Some things can simply be phonetically transposed (computer terms like “file”, :“backup”, etc.) others will take some time as I double-check my work (and study terms I’m unfamiliar with).

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