[Wallet] Official Release - Reddcoin Core v2.0.1.2


harmonyz Trying to figure out how to attach it here. Doesn’t seem to want me to upload it on this messenger


orangevw Upload screen shot to image shack https://imageshack.us/ and then paste link here if u cannot upload


So is the old browser wallet depreciated? I have 7k RDD in mine from years ago, not sure the best way to migrate using my seed?


Gnasher Thanks to the team for their work.


i try to download bootstrap.dat.xz from git , but its always droped after 30min,
i try to use Downlaod Manager but its asking user password after midlle of download

is there anyother link for download bootstrap.dat?


I"m bought 10000RDD but it not arrive my wallet. I"m check it on live.reddcoin.com I"m had it. What about my wallet that is still syncing?


maitiendoan said in [Wallet] Official Release - Reddcoin Core v2.0.1.2:

I"m bought 10000RDD but it not arrive my wallet. I"m check it on live.reddcoin.com I"m had it. What about my wallet that is still syncing?

For what it’s worth (this was 10days ago, I’d hope you would have figured it out by now). You should download the bootstrap file. The network sync was taking days for me and never got close, where-as the bootstrap file downloaded in an hour.



Please clarify:

  1. Cannot find the Reddcoin data folder in C:\Users\USER_NAME\AppData\Roaming\Reddcoin, however it seem mine is located at another custom folder location at D:\Reddcoin Wallets\

  2. After the steps “Install Reddcoin Core software”, is it the software will prompt to remove old wallet or it will automatically upgrade and override with new wallet?

  3. Assuming the windows 64-bit software is installed successfully, do we need to copy back the whole data folder (assume chainstate is compatible) or just the wallet.dat will do?

Look forward to your reply.

Best regards.


Gnasher it’s ok I figured it out now.!!!






maitiendoan mine a week later they stole it!
Dont use reddcoin wallet! No customer service, no coins, deposit blockchain confirmed but missing. Poor at best.


CASTLEGATES As dramatic as that sounds, that’s not how crypto wallets operate. Especially major ones like Reddcoin.

I would like nothing more than to help, but I need you to attach a screenshot of what your wallet program displays. Just the front summary (1st tab).

You must be fully synced with the network. Also, can you share your transaction ID?

Nobody can steal coins or intercept them on blockchain networks. Help me help you.


lvtion I’ve pointed out that he should check if his wallet is synced.
Got no responce after that.
So I think this was his Problem…


A new version of the purse is involved in the generation of new coins or just for storage?