Wallet out of sync. Sent 300k coins to it.

Bought 300k coins roughly an hour ago. Downloaded the wallet yesterday. Didn’t notice until now the wallet is 3 years behind on the syncing process. Will my coins eventually get into my wallet? Most people are saying it took 24-36 hours to fully sync. Any help would be great.

Yeah dude as long as you made the address in that wallet and sent the funds to that same address, you can check if the transaction is confirmed using the reddcoin block explorer at https://live.reddcoin.com/ . Just paste the wallet address there you’ll see the balance of that address , once you sync your funds will appear!

Awesome man thank you! 2 years 48 weeks behind to go :D. Thanks for the response! Remember to HODL!

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Th3Bman said in Wallet out of sync. Sent 300k coins to it.:


Right on brother.

Gozzy purchased two days ago and in the portfolio there are

sorry…they are not in the wellet