Wallet sync problem


I have install de Reddcoin Core wallet and the sync is freese by 1 year and 17 weeks. I want to try the bootstap but i see there is no Reddcoin in my pc.(C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\Reddcoin),
I have also look into the Local map and only in the AppData but still there isnt.
Do i something wrong?
Please help

Hello Andre,
On the first run of Reddcoin Core it ask the User where to store the Data.
Maybe you’ve changed it.
To find the data directory you can go to “Help”->“Debug window” then click on “Open” right below “Debug log file”.

Search for “Default data directory” in the log file.
This tells you where your data is stored.

While you are there I’d like to remind you to create a proper backup of wallet.dat on a regular basis.