Wallet will not collect dividend.

I don’t seem to be able to get my wallet to collect dividend.
I have my wallet running v. . The Wallet is running for most part of the day every day. It has been running for more then 2 months. The wallet is encrypted and unlocked. Icons on the bottom are an unlock lock, Green dividend collecting, 8 active connections and the wallet is up to date. Expected reward every 14 days. Any suggestions?

Rob999 Nothing to worry about. You should definitely update your wallet, though. Honestly, it’s all about keeping your PC online, all the time – and wallet online with it.

I have a server at one of my offices where it’s on 24/7, and I have only 80,000 RDD on it (it’s a very small number compared to a lot of bigger guys).

I have received 8 stake attempts, only 3 have been successful but I made about 1200 RDD. The trick is to keep your machine on and connected. There’s really no secret, other than keeping it on and having coins in the wallet. Hope that can simplify things for you.

thanks for the reply

Problem solved, received about 80 RDD a weak or 2 ago. I noticed I did not have incoming connections, Just outgoing. After this was fixed the wallet collected the first RDD

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I have quite a bit of RDD staking. I received my first reward on 2/17. Thank you!I have not received anything since, but still shows as staking. I have 5.6Mln avg weight. Says rewarded is expected every 18 hours. Arrow at bottom right is in green circle and have 8 connections staking. Have generated 2.1 man blocks. Any ideas as to what the problem my be?

In the debug screen I noticed there were several outgoing network connections but no incomming connections. I enabled Upnp in ,my router. This seemed to solve the problem