Want to see Redd-ID in action. Watch this video.

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Great video! Especially like the part where you make clear everybody not jumping on the redd-train right now is completely mad! Keep up the good work.


reds_to_the_moon Thanks. Ive just started this Crypto Informa page. Im trying to gain subscribers but its bloody hard. I will cover many other crypto coins but im hot on Reddcoin. Anyway, please subscribe and share my posts. Ive just learnt how to record my screen tonight and am getting a cool intro made up. Im right into Cryptocurrency and cant waot to share my knowledge and learn much more from others.


Nice!! Hope to see more rdd vids soon!! Fruchocs

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Thanks for posting!!

Will you have to pay ReddCoin for all user names in Redd-ID or just for the popular in demand names?

dddthemachine : It just depends on the character length afaik

what’s the strategy behind having people pay to get a ReDD-ID especially out of the gate when we are looking for people to get started on it?

dddthemachine don’t know however extra money in rdd will increase the market cap so either buy or cry my friend.

reds_to_the_moon extra money meaning people having to buy redd to purchase and use Redd-Id?

Want to make sure I understand your point

dddthemachine I didn’t want to make a point, we can speculate but only the devs know.

I hear ya

reds_to_the_moon I hear ya