Warning! Do not send all your RDD to wallet until you understand it. Please read.

Hello everyone,

I am making this post to help with getting setup with Reddcoin, please read. The 1st thing you want to do before getting any Reddcoin is setup your wallet and understand it. To setup your wallet you are going to download the wallet and bootstrap file from the official downloads. The people from Reddcoin have provided a how to use the bootstrap here: How do I use the Bootstrap for staking Reddcoin? These wallets take time to understand and you should not send any significant amount of money to them until you fully understand them. If the bootstrap is too confusing, best to just download the wallet and wait for about 3-4 days I think for it to sync. When it is synced, play with it. Send a few coins and back it up after every transaction. The reason for this is because every transaction creates a new address in your wallet and if you do not back it up your RDD will be lost. Get comfortable with the software 1st. Then when you are comfortable, send your money. Remember its up to you to do things right so take your time and do your research. Stake on Reddcoin.

Main take aways:
Let your wallet setup and get comfortable with it before sending any significant money.
Back up after every transaction!
And do not lose or forget your password.

Thank you,

I downloaded the bootstrap and did everything you said. but the problem is that there’s no reddcoin in Application support file…


I don’t have a mac, so I don’t know what the problem is. Maybe it is hidden, try looking in settings for something that will make the files visible. Someone with a mac might come by here and help you.



hi coinchaos,

can you do a step by step on how to backup the wallet ?
i have the windows desktop wallet and have been reading about a wallet update coming up soon. i am not a computer tech and not very confident in how to do this. can you back up the wallet unlimited times and do you have to give it a name or anything? can you please help an treddcoin holder with limited knowledge about this subject ? thnkas

Hi saawan77 , CoinChaos can correct me if I’m wrong here, but I believe that the backup of the wallet is really simple (for Windows, at least).

All you need to do is:

Step 1: See here

Step 2: See here

Step 3: See here

Step 4: Although this step is optional, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND DOING IT AS AN EXTRA PRECAUTION: Once you have backed up the wallet to your local hard drive, make another copy or two - upload one to Google Drive/Dropbox or store a copy on an external hard drive for example, just please make sure you have an extra copy just in case!

If this helped, please leave me a small tip - ReJU3Xygw9NvKJCZk3vFuHTmJC3kDjyVF6 - thank you!


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alt text

I took three days for synchronization.
(2 years … 3 years … The mark is just a number and is different from reality.)
The wallet must be running while the synchronization is in progress, and the computer must be turned on.
I put coins in my redd coin purse after completing the sync, and I get coins 4~5 times every day.

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Wow that is sure a lot of Reddcoins!! What are you planning on doing with all of them? (Leaving a tip for people? :wink: :smiley: )


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I bought a redd coin more than a year ago.
I don’t know what to do with these things yet. hahaha
I’m waiting for some good news.^____^

Aren’t we all?! Even if the price got to $0.10, there would be quite a lot of rich people :smiley: Thanks for the tip btw man :slight_smile:



hi Sloth,

thanks for your explanation. i read somewhere that it is important to name the .dat file as ‘‘wallet’’ or it wont work . is this true ? .and i was thinking if i transferred my coins to my exchange wallet and then update the desktop wallet (in case of an update) and after that transfer it back to my updated wallet, will it work also ?i will be tipping you some redds :wink:
thank you

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Hi saawan77 I’m not actually 100% sure on that, but I have a feeling it might be… While I save them, I call mine a name that I will recognise, but when restoring, it is likely safest to rename it to wallet.dat (or just call it wallet.dat in the first place and only have the most recent backup kept)… Yes, that should also work, as it’s basically making a payment to a different person (although, as it’s your exchange wallet, the different person is still you!), and your current wallet will have nothing to do with the coins anymore, so that should also be a safe option, yes :slight_smile: And thank you for saying you’ll tip me :smiley: to me, that’s a huge part of what Reddcoin is about! It’s a social currency after all :slight_smile:



hi Sloth, i just sended you some redd as promised, a little late, sorry.
thanks again for yor help. any thoughts for the future of redd ?

saawan77 Ahh, I was wondering where that mysterious tip came from - thank you! :smiley: No worries - that’s part of what makes the Reddcoin community so nice; everyone’s willingness to help :slight_smile:

As for the future of RDD, it’s hard to predict, but I imagine (and am hopeful) that we’ll see a steady and secure rise upwards in price over the next few months/years :slight_smile: It’s definitely something I plan to hold on to for a while!

Happy hodling


Yeah I went the “wait-for-3700-hours straight” method with the wallet and just let it catch up, ha.

Had 120k RDD on an exchange, sent 20k over to my wallet and saw nothing… !!! Started freaking out after a minute…then I remembered you have to confirm the exchange’s coin withdrawls via email. I clicked a link and ta-da I got m’RDD. Phew.

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Ive been sending coins back and forth between exchanges quite a few times by now… but everytime i cant help but feel worried untill i see them actually safely at their destination :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

WillemDik same with me :slight_smile:

CaffeinatedSloth hi sloth,

need your help again with this one since you are one of the few who are willing to help around here.
reddcoin has a new wallet and i was hoping if you could help me with updating the old one. do i have to uninstall the old one before installing the new one ?
how do i do this ? is updating possible or do i have to install the whole wallet and blockchain again ?im a little unsure about how to get the new wallet replace the old one.
thnaks !


Here is an official topic by the developor that explains it well. If you uninstall, it will leave all the files intact so once you install the new version you do not have to sync again, you continue where you left.

You should be able to find the uninstall option saved in your reddcoin folder somewhere. (I do not have acces to my computer right now, i have yet to update myself)

thank you for your reply, im not very handy with computers . if would be great if you could do a step by step if you do your own update so that all of us could learn.
to me uninstalling souds like removing the whole thing, but apparently it is not. dont want to mess this up. by the way, are you Dutch ? Willem sounds like a Dutch name, Have a nice evening