Web Based wallet integration?


As you can tell this is my first post and I am new to the “redhead” community. I am NOT so new when you look at the reddcoin on twitter, I love to support and to even follow new postings on reddit. Ok with that out the way…

I would love to make suggestion for some like myself that have limitations when at work (like i am now). I have my RDD all on Bittrex (dont shame me for it please) but I would love to have them in a wallet and just help this project become AMAZING like many of you. With saying that I do not do much crypto at home as I am a family man, i spend my time off with my kiddo.

OK back to the suggestion, As I work where i am unable to install anything, some limitations are an understatement, I love to be able to login with a PK from the web. If i could have a wallet installed this request or suggestion would be null. Also i know that many would say “just install it on a usb” well , these are locked down and i cannot use them either.

Thanks for the listen , and i am excited to continue to find a way to support such an amazing thing. Red ON Redheads!

ReddID is being developed at the moment. ReddID is an extension you can install for Chrome (for now), and has wallet functionality.

@yavuz_selim this is good to know and i have understood from countless reading that the 0.99 ver still does not have the ReddID and the countless hours are being used to integrate this.

here is a more define way to explain myself. I work for a company that limits what i install, (to include extentions) what i look at, what i am able to do on the net (they have even limited how much bandwidth each user gets). Just as a small example etsy the website

Internet Usage is Logged & Monitored " I mean its ETSY !

So i am saying its great to have an extnetion within Chrome (as i use Chrome 100%) but a web page within the reddcoin.com that would have the same functions as the wallet and as the extention for some who may be limited while “working” (not working).