What are we going to do with Reddcoin

Hello everyone,

I have been part of the Reddcoin community for quite some time now and our company owns a few Reddcoins. We are now considering to boost Reddcoin trough an exclusive community. Share your thoughts on how we can raise this coin

aquaquickglobal me and gnasher were talking about the possibility of having a Reddcoin eco-system. Which involves utilising the currency for multiple things, at this moment with Reddcoin you can:

◘ Gamble on alt-coin casinos -> luckygames,io (one of many)

◘ Purchase photography on my reddcoin photo website -> redd-shot.tk

◘ Purchase furniture or products on a retail website by utilising shapeshift -> overstock.com

◘ Tip people on Reddit, Twitter, Telegram & Slack but not forgetting RCT

At this time the eco-system is quite small, we need to expand in terms of services that are more efficient to use Reddcoin or where it’s at a discount. We are currently having a big discussion about a idea that could have a tremendous benefit to the community. All shall be revealed, in the meantime perhaps attempt to think of a good use case for Reddcoin? I’m here to help engage in a constructive conversation if needs be!

Gozzy patreon.com would be a great use case for reddcoin it could be a tipping system for streamers :slight_smile: or any of the other alternate sites https://alternativeto.net/software/patreon/

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Gozzy Thank you for sharing that. Tell me what you mean by a Reddcoin Ecosystem. Since we provide all sorts of eco-friendly products and services with our company.

I have seen before that the creator of the Reddcoin has made adult websites & casinos. Good to see that that has been established. Personally, I think a chaturbate kind of tipping system would be a great way to let people spend on Reddcoin (Really fits the name)

As for your Photostock website. I see a nice idea but currently, I don’t see your payment gateway (Which basically means people have to sent these reddcoins manually to your wallet address probably?)
Anyone working on an automated payment gateway?

The same issue appears on the Overstock website. Great idea but is the reddcoin pay gateway actually there?

I think that me and my team can contribute quite well but the problem is that it currently seems that theres to little technical support regarding the integration of the reddcoin.

Patreon is very successful for creators. But how would you apply that to a cryptocurrency? I think there needs to be a local social platform that has its features and benefits internal. This way you can control and monitor your audience and get better insights on the growing process.

Lets assume we work together as a group of developers. Create one global website allowing users to stream and share, advertise and publish, purchase and sell, etc. All regarding the Redd community that way the users contribute to 1 visual platform which also motivates them and other users as it will become visible when more is being contributed…


Check out -> https://gourl.io/reddcoin-payment-gateway-api.html

There is no community based one at this due time, for redd-shot.tk you email me for a order. There’s no point putting a gateway as i haven’t even hit one sale yet xD

As for overstock shapeshift is a payment option when you are checking out your final orders.

In reply to your pateron statement i said to IoIooIIoIo that if we found an open-source style pateron, it could well be done. Pateron would then see the traffic through RDD and then incorporate it due to demand.

Hello Gozzy,

It is not so much about wether you had the sales yet or not according to me.
I think having this payment gateway system available is more crucial then the fact that you had orders yet. Lets say we create a community called reddstock (One global network were everyone can contribute to) this way the community earns more users on it earn and stock purchases get better fees for their stock… Having that payment gateway ready is probably more crucial then any future sale you will make…

I myself have over 500 web templates, 10.000 stock photos and more content available to place in the reddstock community… But im not going to spend the time on that if there’s no payment integration available… This is how your avarage future reddcoin community user will think before they commit…

aquaquickglobal Yes Patreon is successful and it wouldn’t be as difficult as one would think . just like this forum we have a tipping system and if this system was implemented on social creator sites like Patreon. people could show there support by simply tipping the creators. How the creators cash out or hole the coins would be up to them.

this implementation wouldn’t be an end to end payment system but its a start and would show how social this coin can be.

… Its just an idea but ideas can become reality when you are willing to run with it.

Thats what i talked about in telegram just a minute ago,

we need a easy way to obtain redd for “non crypto” user, this shouldnt be harder than using paypal. there should be a online wallet, with a api for direct payments.

with these it would be easy to write the necessary browser addons for tipping on all plattforms, (youtube,facebook,twitch, etc.) as the streamer could just add a simple snippet (rdd:address, or similiar) to their infos which the addon would change to a tipping button.

but unless there would be a api or a online wallet doing these easy transfers (with possibility to easy obtain the rdd), as the browser addon could authenticate with the online wallet and could just make the api call to transfer the rdd from your wallet to streamer, (*/tip/addressorredd-id/amount)

dont know if https://github.com/reddcoin-project/reddsight-api/blob/master/README.md is still working (just looked after a tx javascript api for an integration within the addon)
but there would be still a need for an easy solution to obtain the reddcoin (litebit could be an option as i think the website is easy to use and it could be autofilled for your redd-id/address)

but that all depends all on a available online service for obtaining and handling these rdd.
as we all just need to ask ourself. if its to hard to obtain rdds, why i shouldnt just tip via available and integrated fiat solutions (paypal, patreon etc. etc.)

sorry for that blocktext, but i am at work and just dont have the time to read it all over again :stuck_out_tongue:



How about selling your products in exchange for Reddcoin?
This will help to gain more trust in Reddcoin as a currency.

As a cutting machine operator I am interested in your product to clean my grinding machine at work.
There are spots with old grinding oil which I can’t remove anymore.
Will your product be able to remove this?
alt text

Maybe you could distribute a little amount for tests in exchange for Reddcoin.
If its useful I think I’ll purchase more.
The good thing is that I am from Germany so shipping will be no problem.

I have created http://reddcoin.online This is a new global network that allows users to share and develop on a global Reddcoin network. Theres a plan for Reddcoin payment intergration to allow users to buy and sell online