where i s the rdd pool?

i want mine rdd myself,but i dont know where can i mine。who can tell me the rdd pool useing?

simplekun Reddcoin is PoSV. There is no mining since 2 years ago. You must have wallet and go buy coins, then leave wallet open. They make more.


bmp02050 said:

They make more.

It’s self-propagating, A perpetual motion machine. Or, the future :smiley:

Actually, you can mine reddcoins using eobot. You and everyone who wants to gain more and more reddcoins can sign up with mine referall link:
Another way to get a large amoubt of reddcoins is CLDMine tool:

Everyone also could visit some reddcoin faucet pages:

Arvydas77 Not anymore. Reddcoin has changed its system and is now a PoSV. You stake (accumulate) instead of mining.
No more need to buy big rigs. Just keep your wallet connected.


DeadPool said:

You stake (accumulate) instead of mining.

Thanks for update! Does accumulation depends on your wallet balance or it does not have any significance?

Arvydas77 in an attempt to explain this, I have build this infography based on the tech info I was given.
It is still in validation to be sure we have all covered, but it is a good start to understand the mechanisms :

I’m pretty sure gnasher can also direct you to mode tech info on the matter.

Cheers !

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The number of times that you stake will depend on how much you have in your wallet.
To give an indication, 10MM will let you stake about once per day


Arvydas77 The intent was that you would stake 5% annually to a maximum of 6%, so your wallet balance is important not only in the frequency but also the amount you stake.