Which coins are transferred (chronologically)?

The only way I can explain what I want to know is by example.
So, lets say I create a wallet. Buy 20 coins on Monday, then 30 coins on Tuesday and then 50 on Wednesday.

Later in the week, on Friday, I decide to tip a friend 10 coins.
So, on Friday I have 20 coins that are 4 days old, 30 coins that are 3 days old and 50 coins that are 20 coins old. When the tip is send to my friend I will end up with 90 coins. Which coins are those leaving my wallet? The younger ones or the older ones?

I am asking this as I read somewhere that the coin’s age does matter on staking. (I am not 100% sure about that but I would love if you could verify this. If this is not true then what I am asking doesn’t really make sense.)


Now answering to your objective question the order goes the older got priority over the last ones. So the address that contained 20 coins are split in two and sign one to your Reddfriend 10 rdds and the other 10 to your change address or the same.

After sending your older coins in your wallet are not from monday anymore but from Tuesday. :smiley:

To create a litle more mixing to the charts Your coins stake with a 5% optimum return on a week basis. Starting to giving you a declining return after this period. :confused:

.Hope you got it :).

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Thank you.

Just to sum up,

  1. The older coins are sent out
  2. Coin’s age does affect staking
  3. The coins’ staking reward is received weekly

stefioan Are received weekly or before if you have it staking 24/7 and the network stake is below yours. It is an Optimal point not a rule point due to security and the randomness of every staking wallet out there…

Please do not forget that staking is only possible when you win a block. Coin age is what you compare with other wallets in order to receive your new redds (win block).

PoSV2.0 is being designed in order to assure that 5% annual return is emitted over the total cap mainly because some reddcoins that are in exchanges or in circulation aren’t staking and so the total 5% of Reddcoins aren’t emitted. Leaving the inflationary value of 5% only for stakers… and not real users too…

After all this will address your analysis of the lower redds your have the less probability in getting your 5% stake.

For more info about PoSV architecture and simulation I advise you to make a read on this page: http://agroff.github.io/posv/

Bring more questions please. :smiley:

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I have had some coins since 2 satoshi price level…and they have probably topped out in age now and are essentially moribund, So I sent them all to my self to restart the whole ageing process again. Which might seem silly but it was my attempt to avoid too many ‘‘change addresses’’ and to get all my Reddcoin into one wallet and then optimise for staking. Right now it says 1 hour for an expected stake reward so…I am pretty sure it was worth doing, I dont really expect to get an hourly reward but I am pretty sure I will get something 1 or twice a day anyway.