Who Else Is Buying Once We've Got $200 BTC and Lower?

If BTC can break the $200 mark, I may just buy 10 more BTC worth of RDD myself. So much market panic right now.

I think there will be a major rebound shortly


I have been buying the ride down this month, and just had my last order filled.
will see later if i will buy more

Am anticipating that rebound WILL happen and BC will gain broader adoption in 2015
inc. Redd of course

I’m with ya. Some people are calling for $150 bitcoins but I don’t see it happening - I think the bottom is near. Probably pick up more soon.

I think the rebound comes soon after $200 … Not from new money, but from the recent sellers who will use this as an opportunity to increase their (non-staking) stake.
Too bad the alts drop (for the most part) when btc drops, otherwise (without this pseudo-peg) btc would be the beneficiary of some manner of price stability as the altcoin holders would sell their quarks, litecoins, and feathers to trade into btc.
I truly hope Redd can establish itself as a separate value from btc when it gains “full functionality”…
p.s. I still don’t see evidence of a lot of new users buying into bitcoin. Seems to have hit a wall… Opportunity is there for a certain coin to come into the public conscious and take a dominant position in this space (even better if it’s cheaper to obtain)…

I think none of us has any idea what-so-ever. :stuck_out_tongue:

On a more serious tone, we cannot predict the future (regulations - or lack thereof, competition, bans, raids, arrests, energy costs, centralisation, neverending scams and failed start-ups… you name it). Personally i don’t really care if BTC hits $10 again if that opens up the opportunity for RDD to finally become completely independent - no more “satoshi”. :smiley:

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I’ll pick up some when it hits 30 again.

But in all seriousness, it’ll break 100 before to long… Just wait.

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btc will bottom out very low but after all the panic sales happen from that and everyone quits mining it and the supply drops. the price will begin to rebound and could hit very high prices once again.

As toward all the other coins dropping in price, it is because the value of all coins is compared against btc. as btc drops all coins drop. as btc raises all coins raise.

Its a buyers market right now, buy while its low, and hold out over the bumpy ride and then watch it climb again and make huge profit when it returns to being a sellers market.

I just want to ShapeShift into Reddcoin and see myseft on the transaction Tab

I still haven’t bought, thinking BTC will see $160-170 again.

Bought one more BTC worth today.

On another thread I had mentioned i bought 100$ BTC and was playing around with it, unfortunately after the news with mt.gox and silkroad affiliation I have lost alot of confidence in the price of BTC in the near future. Im confident BTC still has a ways down to go, unless we get some positive news.

So…in accordance with what we now know so far, I could agree. I don’t know about much lower, but staying around $200 for a while I could see.

Bots/transaction malleability was jacking the price up artificially on Gox to hit the ATH around $1,100

Karpeles ran away with or “lost” tons of BTC

Karpeles now being linked to running Silk Road

we can assume he was pumping that money around and Gox was just theft

Going to muddy the waters for Bitcoin price, I didn’t buy anything more than a couple BTC around $200, I’ll wait as well. I’ve stopped trading as of this week. Bought more RDD and I’m waiting out the market.

I don’t see a reason for the price to stay down, but I could be wrong with new developing stories. ReddCoin is promising although less proven and I still have a very positive outlook. I reason this as it is consistently one of the highest volume coins which means it’s actually traded. Some other coins may have higher value but such little liquidity that they are as a result nearly useless. This is not a problem with ReddCoin and to top that–it’s a stable value compared to other coins.

High trade volume is very easily faked/manipulated so you can’t follow that in crypto as a basis.

BTC is staying low for a while, that’s my call. RDD is already very low. Where Reddcoin will make strides is in it’s future use cases for the long term community build and acceptance. BTC is already out of it’s bubble and will try to find a stable floor for what people will now deem it worth. Probably in the $150-250 range for a very long time.

There are several tips of how to avoid such situtions. Surely, the first one is not to be risky. Just observe, especially if you a newbie. The other one is using of several additional utilities and guides for trading like https://3commas.io/trade/bittrex . It can be available for everybody and, therefore, rather useful.

Good luck bro ^^! I think that can happening