WhyCoin Update

Whycoin keeps plugging along! I am at this moment uploading learning modules for every major language on the Earth. I have completed all of Africa, and alphabetically everything down to Italian. However I forgot about ICELANDIC… so I have added it. A fellow Reddcoiner from Iceland named his prize ram after me so I feel obligated. They will be available tonight sometime. In the next day or so I will complete the project. http://whycoin.org and they work either direction target language to English or English to target language. I believe they are accessible by smart phone, but I don’t have one…I am lucky to make phone calls.

The next project is a massive children’s learning game site in 50 languages…however I have to get PUTTY working first!

I will be talking to several exchanges about listing this next week!

haha… wasn’t that a guy/gal called Ragnar.
I remember that conversation :slight_smile:

Okie79 I checked out the lists of modules its impressive


DUSTY the Ram is running around chasing the girls all over the hills of Iceland…then they will eat him!

Ragnar translated everything in order to converse! His life there is similar to mine growing up in South Eastern Colorado… only it was cattle. They actually become ill from the darkness in their winter months… but electricity is cheap and they light everything up! He was setting up a bed and breakfast last time we talked.

Well back to doing the Japanese modules… I am concentrating on spoken language, not reading and writing.


Now you know you always wanted to speak ZULU! Impress your friends… I hope some little girl in the ZULU nation learns how to read and write in Zulu and learns to speak English! I will gladly give her 5000 WhyCoins!

Okie79 Do yourself a favour and set up a search function, the list is becoming a wall of text
`Make a search function and people will be able to NAVIGATE…

Extra BONUS points if you INCLUDE a REDDCOIN TUTORIAL or CRYPTO in General