Wordpress Plugin Request

Hello, ReddCoinTalk.org has a really nice feature which allows users to input their Reddcoin address in their profile. In turn this makes a “Tip Redcoin” option appear under each of their posts. I am interested in developing a Reddcoin community of my own and am requesting that a resource be made available for wordpress users who want their users to have the same functionality when on their site.

In addition to this what would build Reddcoin Communitys, get large websites on board and allow website owners to run ReddCoin contests is if the website owner is able to set a tipping fee that is associate with any incoming tips allowing the website to take a percent of the tips they set.

If this were an option I have no doubt I could create a thriving community based off ReddCoin.

I like this idea, Wordpress is well known and used often so a simple Wordpress plugin which allows tipping users who comment and also the admin for contributing would be awesome.