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Great to see CodeRedd back in action !

Let me know whenever you would like some promotion via the Reddheads newsletter.

reddibrek When I have a functioning game that isn’t just a mediocre representation of Pac-Man, I’ll get right on that. Eventually a ReddCoin Arcade will be created. Sort of like the 80’s where kids went to “brick & mortar” arcades and drop quarters into machines, the CodeRedd’s ReddCoin Arcade will emulate that, but with a twist. Spend a quarter, play a game, get the highest score by the end of the week, win a whole bunch of quarters. At least for the single player type games. PvP games (first person shooters, real time strategy) will be winner take all at the end of each match. Granted, a small portion of the pot will be used to help maintain the server (and pay for my electric bill). I need to put RDD and BTC donation addresses on my site…

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bmp02050 That sounds brilliant!

I’m also able to do lots of testing when the time comes.

Incidentally, I’m freeing up time right now at the day job to concentrate more on Reddcoin, so definitely get in contact when you think it’s the right time.

reddibrek Do you any development or just promo/marketing?

No dev (I’m an “honorary” dev on this forum - question of access rights).

I’m building promotion networks and Reddheads.com.

Also have bigger plans in the works for a Reddcoin and crypto business.

All will become clear! :wink: I need to solidify ideas with some other people…

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reddibrek Cool. Well, when I need a second player to test out multiplayer games, I’ll be sure to send you a message…


bmp02050 I would lvoe to test it too! lol