XRP continues to soar 13%, YouTube has accepted XRP micropayments

At present, the total market value of digital currency is 203 billion US dollars, up 3.2% from the previous day of 19.6 billion US dollars. BTC price temporarily reported $6423.98, today’s gains were 0.52%; ETH price temporarily reported $211.91, today’s gains were 1.16%; BCH temporarily reported $435, today’s gains were 1.31%; EOS price temporarily reported $5.31, today’s gains were 1.68%, XRP continued Soaring 13%, the market performed extremely well.


  1. YouTube has accepted XRP micropayment

According to Ambcrypto, Coil has successfully implemented XRP micro-payment streaming on well-known websites such as YouTube and Twitch, which means that as long as the user is on the page, the content creator on the website can receive the payment. It is reported that Coil was founded by Stefan Thomas, co-founder of the InterLedger agreement and former chief technology officer of Ripple.

  1. The decentralized application website lists 50 EOS applications, mainly games, gambling, and exchanges.

According to the EOS community news, DappRadar is now on the line of 50 EOS decentralized applications, mainly divided into games, gambling, and exchanges. There are still plenty of room for growth in other categories.

  1. PNC Bank, the ninth largest financial services group in the US, joined RippleNet, Ripple’s corporate blockchain network, which is a new member of San Francisco-based financial technology companies. Pittsburgh-based PNC Financial Services Group, with more than $380 billion in assets, has become the newest member to join RippleNet, a global payment network of more than 100 organizations, including banks, payment channel providers, and financial services agents. And operators of other financial institutions to achieve near-instant business fund transfers and bank liquidity and end-to-end target tracking of blockchain.

Optimistic development

This week, UPbit and Civic, the two largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the global market, have expanded to Singapore. This region is known for its good blockchain ecology and better regulatory regime, but has never seen large cryptocurrencies. The emergence of the exchange. British government officials stressed the need to develop local cryptocurrency market ecology and blockchain industry management to ensure they remain competitive with other major regions. In the regulation and institutionalization of the global cryptocurrency market, the market development in the past month seems to be much faster than in the past eight years, indicating that the market is booming under a good ecological environment.

Youtube is an important partner for developing any nework!

I guess, Twitch has its value too

Twitch? Never heard of it, will check