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Привет, у меня вопрос по работе RDD и в частности кошелька. Имеют на YOBIT.NET RiBaE3q6XrRwVbFeP8dsQ2V3njb21cVNKC на него с другой биржи перевел 6350,43773838 RDD 29/01/2018 9:20:00 AM судя по TX деньги успешно дошли до кошелька, но на бирже YOBIT так и не появились! Админы ответили что идет обновление кошельков, но прошло уже 3 дня а денег на счете нет, админы молчат, сделал 2 запроса в поддержку. Как и куда можно обратиться что бы RDD все же появился на счете YOBIT?

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Re: Русскоязычная ветка на форуме.

Господа, кто в курсе что происходит с YOBIT И когда начнут работать кошельки?

Вопросы к бирже Yobit

They ripped me OFF more than 70 000 RDD coins and it’s been 3 months now- They say the wallet is in maintenance but it is lasting forever- How can they authorize the selling of RDD when the wallet is in maintenance???How is that possible? Well it is possible when you want to STEAL money from customers!!!
They are professionnal SCAMMERS!!! BEWARE! You have been warned about those thieves- FLEE from them!

Hi, I have a question about the RDD and in particular the wallet. Have on YOBIT.NET RiBaE3q6XrRwVbFeP8dsQ2V3njb21cVNKC transferred 6350.43773838 RDD to it from another exchange 01/29/2018 9:20:00 AM judging by TX the money successfully reached the wallet, but it never appeared on the YOBIT exchange! The admins replied that the wallets are being updated, but 3 days have passed and there is no money in the account, the admins are silent, made 2 support requests. How and where can you go to get RDD on your YOBIT account?

You should create a new thread about this specific issue…

I have a few questions… You mention 3 months, but then talk about a transaction made in 2018? I also can’t find a transaction around 70.000 RDD on the blockchain; there is one for the 6350 RDD you mentioned (but that one is from 2018?)…

Anyway. Reddcoin recently had an upgrade, so that’s why the exchange needs to update some stuff. I know that another exchange also had an issue, but that one is resolved with the help of the dev team. So, it might be possible to do that in the case of Yobit as well… What did they tell you exactly?

To access your coins on Yobit… Only Yobit can give you access, so you will need to wait until the issue get resolved on their end.

And: when making a transaction, always send a small amount to test first. If that transaction is completed successfully, then send the rest.

Oh wait, I know see that you somehow replied to the thread post (first post).

So, now I am confused by your post. Which part is yours? The first paragraph?

So, the issue seems to be: you have bought (?) RDD on Yobit, but can’t access it or something?

Yes correct- That is exactly my issue here, “So, the issue seems to be: you have bought (?) RDD on Yobit, but can’t access it or something?”

RDD wallet in maintenance since may