Zero balance after update from v2 to v3 and bootstrap

Hi everyone,

I have stored RDD in my wallet since Jan 2018. It was reddcoin 2.0.0.

Some days ago I decided to moove my balance to an exchange so I open my wallet. It says that it was out of sync of 7 years and some mounth (do not remember precisely), and I found that a new version was available. At this point, the balance shown was 0 and no transactions were shown.

First of all, I made a backup of the wallet (2.0.0) via File>Backup Wallet and stored it locally. Then, i download reddcoin-3.10.3-win64-setup.exe and update the wallet.

Then, I download the bootstrap file and follow instructions as shown in this video:

I did not change anything in the appdata/roaming/reddcoin folder, I open the wallet updated (so v3.10.3) and let the wallet sync. But coins never appeared.

So I try to substitute the wallet.dat in the above mentioned folder with the backup wallet i made on v2.0.0, but again nothing. Additionally, File>Receinving Addresses… for both wallet.dat files are the same.

Never encrypt with a password.

Do not know hot to proceed, please help.

PS: the location of the appdata/roaming/reddcoin folder is not in this path, but in D:Reddcoin. Do not know if it helps, just to give you all informations.
The content is equivalent to the appdata/roaming/reddcoin I show in the figure.
So, appdata/roaming/reddcoin do not exists in my file system.rc

Is there anyone here?

  • Reddcoin Core -> File -> Receiving addresses.
    You will see a list of addresses.

  • Go to the Reddcoin blockchain explorer (, and search the addresses there. Is there any balance on the addresses?