Decentralised public proofs of social network identities

Dear fellow Reddheads:

A crucial piece of Social X is a decentralised system that allows storage and verification of public proofs of a person’s social network identities. For example, to send Reddcoin to a person on Youtube, we need to first verify that the Youtube user (represented by a username) is the actual owner of a private key that corresponds to a public key which is the receiving Reddcoin wallet address (e.g. address of her tip jar in the browser wallet).

It’s a very exciting technical project that I’m working on. And before it’s ready, I think it’s important that members of the community are at least familiar with the related concepts. is the state-of-the-art at the moment and it’s in closed alpha. I have 5 invitations that I’d like to send to active community members. Once they set up their accounts properly, each of them should have 10 new invitations to send to others. It can then snowball from there.

You can find my Keybase profile here. For those of you who are interested in the invitation, please post your emails below.

EDIT: Keybase works on all platforms but it’s highly technical at the moment. So at this stage it makes more sense for you try it out if you are tech-savvy.

EDIT: All my invitations are gone. But newly registered users will be able to send out more.

laudney sounds interesting. I would like to give it a try.

Id love to give it a try,

So Exciting!!!

Is directly related to the Reddcoin project?

Naro No

Would love to be involved

Made it to no. 5! phew!

Thanks Laudney.

Clever stuff… Simple to use the browser verify!

Ok so far…I have JS Node Installed, and GPG Beta, recovered my old PGP Key from 2000 and am waiting for an email with an invite…and God help me…because…I have had a PGP Public Key since 2000 and rarely used it. I use Bitmessage and Tor among other things but Twitter,Facebook, etc like never…so I am likely the wrong person to be doing this.

Reddshift you may also create a new pgp key with stronger encryption. 2000 sounds like 1024bit :slight_smile:

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That was painless

ReddcoinRocks I have had a few…3 anyway first Keygen was 2000 then/03 & 04 and yes they were 1024bit. I Got GPG installed and created a key but was unable to upload it in the command line. So I created another keypair on the page instead. Its all a bit pointed.
If you want privacy this is sure not going to be it. You have to link accounts together to verify.
Its got shades of all kinds of issues built in…so I will have to try to curb my paranoia a bit

Gnasher I wish I could say that but…I can’t none the less…


Reddshift I did it through the browser. Way too lazy for cmd-line stuff this morning.
Having these accounts peels back the privacy layer (you just exposed all accounts linked to yourself) but what it should do is eliminate impersonation.
i.e I am who i say i am.

On the flip side, i get the privacy thing also.
So dont reveal, what you dont want to show

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Gnasher Yet another flipping passphrase to remember and GET wrong…all ready my account is telling me my passphrase I entered is incorrect. It is a ball ache all ready. 95% of people are not going to do this. Of the 5% only a few will be bothered. People NEED this but are going to be put off from doing it because its another layer of ball ache. No way to reset the passphrase either…ball ache all around

Reddshift I feel you. Password hell
I admit that although i found using keybase relatively straight forward myself (through the browser interface), when i looked at their site a few months back I was initially taken back by the ‘complexity’ of having to go through the process.
I can see why it would be daunting to many users.
In its current form, I dont think this is for the everyday users. And the reality is that most people wont use it (heck, there is no way my mum would touch it)
For the more tech savvy, it is workable and it is a step in the right direction.
Consider also, laudney is seeing this as a viable step in the social networking arena

My Keybase profile:

I looked for my invitations but read this:

“We’re being extra-cautious with invitations at the moment. If you earn any invitation power, it’ll show up here.”

How to earn the power I wonder?

Gnasher It’s also very hard to start a private/encrypted conversation with someone. even if you find a public key somewhere it is sometimes hard to get proof if this key really belongs to the person you want to talk to.
I have signed up with my service account to give users a way to get proof if the information they find is valid and from a trustworthy source. impersonation is still a problem on the internet. I’m not active on every social network so anyone could create a reddcoinrocks facebook profile or something else to talk in the name of

my keybase profile:

Gnasher I have been using BITMESSAGE for Encrypted messaging…no issues…you can send what you like to who you like…once they sign up and download a simple client…its on…and it works… Tor same way… I see why we need this but I can tell you this much…its a digital bell on the digital cat… Government will like this…YOU SENT MONEY TO X…this amount on this day…
X…you got money from Y…we see this…and its here on the block chain

Y you are under arrest for supporting X who is sending money to Z a known terrorist…

I like the ambiguity…of everything…throw away accounts Tor…and Generating a new address for every transaction if I want to. Digital ID is doing the totalitarian state a favour.
Who I am is who I want to be…and being certain of who I am is not needed for me to do business with you. I dont know the guy behind the counter of any store I do business with and I dont need to. He gives me my stuff I give him my cash good day. Got to say I dont want to be a fly trapped in anyones web…Cash is untraceable for the most part and we should be too.
I see why this is needed…for HIGH VALUE TRANSACTIONS…but for day to day…not needed
The 419 scammers will be looking for ways to game this and with any luck they wont be able to for a while.

Awesome here is my email