Minecraft plugin


The beginning of the development of the MC Reddcoin plugin has begun. Having never programmed with Java before, I’m starting tonight to learn how it all works. I did get the initial plugin to load and show “hello world” on the server when it initializes. Now to add the connection to the reddcoin wallet and create commands…eventually a "storefront’ or “auctionhouse” will be developed to be included with the plugin for users to drop items into and try to sell off…


Great work! Please keep keeping us updated.

If you come across any technical questions / solutions to problems / hacks / interesting knowledge, please consider starting a thread in the Academy section - would be good to animate things there a bit more and share knowledge.


reddibrek Can do! I would really love to have some simple way to connect automatically to the wallet on the server, like being able to import the Reddcoin API (and do something in Java like ‘reddcoin.sendto(addr,amount)’ and have it return the TXID would be super, but that would probably have to be developed.



Does anyone know if this will be helpful?


I’m sending http://user:passlocalhost:port and get a 500 error and if I go to localhost:port and type in the user and password I get “{“result”:null,“error”:{“code”:-32700,“message”:“Parse error”},“id”:null}”

Any clues?


https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=63535.0 Any idea on how to use this setup? Looks like it should work, but I want to set it up in such a way where a user types /haswallet and it invokes the getaddressesbyaccount function in RPC… I still can’t figure out how to connect to my wallet but this looks like it should work


I might be able to help, could you publish your code on GitHub so I could take a look? :slight_smile:


lionzeye I sure can. There’s not a lot to it right now considering I’ve now programmed in Java for a total of 6 hours…


bmp02050 how goes your development


Gnasher Slowly. Impending winter, a chance at a new, better paying job, and repairs on the house are eating my time. A baby shower on Saturday this weekend and adding a new deck on Sunday will kill this weekend’s free time. I’ll have to pull apart the minecraft bitcoin plugin to better understand how it all works. My biggest challenge is figuring out how to use JSON to connect to my RPC and issue commands…


That is very interesting! Minecraft is being used in many schools (without the destructive features) as a learning application. They offer it free to schools. I have given thought to putting up a server, with WhyCoins as a reward. Another idea I have is using faucet software as learning applications…instead of captcha, ask multiple choice questions…and reward for correct answers.

The last program I wrote was in RPG (report programming generator) for IBM’s 360-20, card in-print out, in 1965! I can barely steal html code and modify it now!

I used to be smarter!


Okie79 I am sure now, you are much wiser for your experience.
In this space, there are so many potentials that exist. Some may not be so obvious, while others are the same thing rehashed.

Your concept on rewarding education is very interesting.
And anything that rewards education should be looked at.
It doesnt matter if your from a 1st world country or 3rd world country, there is no price for having a good education.

I hope here I can help visitors to take an initiative to educate themselves about this blockchain tech

My other interests are robotics and AI (although i am not an expert in either)


bmp02050 not sure if you are still working on this
But i stumbled on the bitquest minecraft server.
Now OSS https://github.com/bitquest/bitquest


Gnasher No, haven’t had time…busy at work writing code and busy at home with a 10 week old…


bmp02050 Know the feeling :slight_smile:
Just thought I would give some input if needed


wonder what ever happened to this


shadowradio we had this back in the day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2SVxrZwSr0


only promises


lionzeye so if you guys had all this stuff where did it go? It doesnt make sense to abandon good things.


ask bmp02050