Minecraft plugin


dudilicious I never made the minecraft plugin. It was an idea I had, but I don’t have nearly as much free time as folks like Dudi…if I did, I’d spend it on forums putting people down and asking stupid questions while belittling people instead of adding value to a project…


Due to all the clamor about this plugin, and a recent insight, the possibility of this becoming a reality is much greater…however, between my 10 hour a day job, my kid, my wife, running a 1/2 way house, and updating the core wallet functionality, either I need to win the lottery so I can spend more time programming things for Reddcoin, the days need to be longer, or people with Java skills can help me out…


bmp02050 This is an awesome idea… I told my 9 year old son and he’s over the moon… Already talking about to other kids playing Minecraft online… they all saying its great but will never happen.

Just hope this idea doesn’t get into the wrong hands (oops)… Get this happening quick bmp02050… Forget your day job! this will change lives!! Including yours :slight_smile:

By the way “The Prize Pool” current balance is at 1493 RDD, sure to be rising… I’d say you have a pretty good chance at taking it home… Just share about what your doing to help Reddcoin Boom… Don’t forget to link this post and show some work.


or people with Java skills can help me out…

bmp02050 Where’s your GitHub?


GStax https://github.com/bmp02050

But I haven’t got anything on there yet…


bmp02050 I did a little bit of research last night into how this could be accomplished. I’d be interested to hear what you recently discovered that would make this all the more feasible. What I think would be required so far:

  • A valid RDD wallet operating on the users device\pc
  • Minecraft commands that would allow you to
    1. Automatically check that the selected player has an active ReddWallet,
    2. Display / show the current users RDD balance (clickEvent)
    3. Enter in an RDD amount to transfer (this would also incorporate any fees) (clickEvent)
  • Leverage either locally or via web the reddsight-api to facilitate the transaction
    4) Show a confirmation and transaction id once broadcast
    5) Potentially show a confirmation count either by command or automatically output to the UI\Chat.

There are also permissions involved that are admin driven that would allow players to execute the command on the server. I’m definitely familiar with JAVA, JSON, and API development in general, but I think the biggest hurdle for me here will be figuring out how to get things integrated into the Minecraft platform.


bmp02050 No problem man, and honestly, just creating the repo is half the battle.

Curious, are you using anything to manage your work, like a Jira\Trello board? If not, I could set one up…? Might help add some visibility and scope. BTW, I’m on GitHub as GStaxx.


GStaxx Hey, sorry about the lack of reply, it’s been a very sucky new year. Trello/slack combo would probably be best, but there’s already a slack channel in the Reddcoin Developer’s slack. Trello might be a good great idea.


If this could be pulled off, it would be amazing! :slight_smile: If you need anything, I’m happy to help where I can :slight_smile: (although, not with the actual programming side - it all goes wayyy over my head!)



bmp02050 Sorry to hear that bud, hopefully you still had a good New Years Eve. I googled that slack channel but the only link I could find 404’d (http://reddcoinwiki.com/2017/08/07/reddcoins-slack-chat-is-active-247-and-your-invited/). If it’s invite only, do you know who I could request access from?

At any rate, I got this course off of Udemy (https://www.udemy.com/course-dashboard-redirect/?course_id=1093774) which was pretty helpful, but I think I’ve already gotten my use out of it. I was able to get a simple plugin registered and working on my local minecraft server following the first 8 or so chapters. Couple other items :


I’ve made some progress over the couple weeks. I’m using the standalone daemon (reddcoind) with the reddcoin-cli to issue the RPC wallet commands from a java test class.

So far…

  • start reddcoind (if it’s not already running), and also
    • check for an existing .conf, create one if needed, also supply randomized user\pass config params if empty to enable RPC
  • load/retrieve a wallet (I’m doing this from an unlocked, unencrypted copy of my current wallet on disc right now)
  • validate the address (pubkey hash) with “validateaddress”
    • check for isMine and isValid
  • if verified, get the wallet’s balance with “getwalletinfo”
    • returns balance, unconfirmed balance, txcount, version, etc.
  • write balance to console output stream

This process works fine in Eclipse, but I cannot start the reddcoind process from within my local minecraft server, which seems to be permission related.

Also, it seems I cannot issue commands to a single instance of the CLI without it crashing, or creating a new process to start/kill on each command… ugh, I’m hoping to get some time this week to continue my work - also curious how wallet discovery could be handled here, and the multitude of security considerations.


Hi, we’ve been working on the same project in the past few weeks and we have a basic working prototype already.

We use a single instance of the RPC daemon and a single wallet where players can deposit and withdraw coins. (Note: We are currently testing it on DOGE testnet due to issues in setting up rdd testnet.)


Players can create ‘contracts’ that can be accepted with commands or with signs that can activate redstone.


Transactions are handled off-chain in a separate db that keeps track of player’s balance.

It’s not ready yet, we want to implement, for example , a way for the server owner to monetize by taking a small % from every transaction, more advanced contract-based blocks and other things that are on the TODO list.

If you want to join forces we can release the source (that currently sits on a private repo) on github under a freesoftware/opensource license (GPL maybe?) and continue from there.



Great work, I think your screegifs are what we’re all envisioning here. I’m happy I’m not the only one who couldn’t get the rdd testnet working, too (I’m hoping this is something the core devs can remedy soon?).

I’d love to help, so I’ll have to get my doge wallet up and running again. I’m also interested in your single wallet implementation and the back-end balance tracking, so it would be great to get a look at the code.

Also, do you have anything you’re using to track work\features\bugs, or are you doing that through Git? I could possibly supplement that on the Trello board if you’re interested.

Thank you for your reply here as well; it’s excellent to see an active dev community!


GStaxx said in Minecraft plugin:

I’d love to help, so I’ll have to get my doge wallet up and running again.

If you have an android device, you can use coinomi, they support testdoges.

GStaxx said in Minecraft plugin:

Also, do you have anything you’re using to track work\features\bugs, or are you doing that through Git? I could possibly supplement that on the Trello board if you’re interested.

Since we are only in two working on this atm, we’ve been using a normal issues tracker and an xmpp channel, i think we can move on slack if it makes things easier, i’m not sure if we need trello, but at the end of the day, i’m fine with whatever works.

GStaxx said in Minecraft plugin:

I’m also interested in your single wallet implementation and the back-end balance tracking, so it would be great to get a look at the code.

Sure, we are going to release it on github soon (probably tomorrow afternoon UTC+1 ).


rblb0000 Thanks for the quick response, I’ll have to check out coinomi, it looks promising. I did get my doge wallet resynced and running last night, so that’s a plus.

Xmpp works well, and if you already have a task management system you’re using, that’s awesome.

I’ll chat with you soon, hopefully!


Here we go.
We have

a name: Reddconomy

a logo: Reddconomy

a slack workspace: [INVITE]

a github repo: https://github.com/Reddconomy/Reddconomy

and soon a test server.

The backend code is fully commented, the frontend/plugin (we use sponge) still needs more love.

Since the project is pretty modular (the backend can go on its own) we’ve decided to use BSD 2 clauses for the backend and GPL v3 for the plugin. This will eventually make it easier to take the backend and use it on a totally different software without the restrictions of GNU licenses.

And that’s all, i’m going to update the CI scripts in the coming days, to have a fully automated deployment with docker, until then, it can be built with gradle

gradle buildSpongePlugin buildBackend

and tested by running a bitcoind daemon (reddcoind, dogecoind…) locally with RPC enabled, the backend and finally a sponge server with the plugin installed.



rblb0000 Great work, I’ll try to free up some time to contribute, as these are the kinds of projects I absolutely love


Ok, build scripts and CI updated, the README explains everything.

Thanks lionzeye , i see on github that you are a core dev of reddcoin, it would be great if you could help us setting up reddcoind to run with the testnet, i mean our code doesn’t change, but we are presenting a reddcoin related project while testing on doge testnet, it doesn’t seem right .



  • Now players can tip each other more easily with /$ tip AMOUNT USER, without using contracts directly
  • There is a configurable “welcome tip” that sends some coins from a “welcome funds” wallet to new users.
  • Server monetization is implemented: the server owner can set proportional or fixed fees for deposit,withdraw and transactions, there is also a /$ tipsrv AMOUNT to tip directly to the server.


I’ll see if the node for the latest testnet is still functional, so you can use that.