Minecraft plugin


Looks like this project is coming along nicely… great work guys… If you need any help with visual design aspects Pm. I’m always happy to help a fellow Reddhead with a good cause.

Logo Design - interface appearance Algood thank me later :slight_smile:


Hi PasCarbs and thank you.
It’s an opensource project made for the cryptocomunity, and as such we welcome everything that is an improvement and we gladly accept everyone’s help. If you see something that’s off or that you want to improve, feel free to do it.

We are on github but we have also a slack chat (here) that we can use if there’s need to coordinate


We have a test server now, address here: https://reddconomy.github.io/#PublicServers
And i made a new thread here: https://www.reddcointalk.org/topic/2412/reddconomy-crypto-economy-for-minecraft-development-preview


this is kick a**.

Not sure how you implement things like this in minecraft, but I wrote a discord bot plugin for RDD dice. would be cool to see if it can be used elsewhere and in game!


lvtion Hey! Reddconomy is open-source and available for every other game, project existing in this world.
Example, if someone decides to implement crypto currencies in their game, they can use our backend! They only need to create a frontend (which is really super easy to make).


lvtion Come along to the Reddcoin discord and try your bot out


icy9 Funny story I already created a reddcoin discord, I made a thread about it as well. Didn’t realize there were more than 2 others (I wasn’t fond of the ones from other websites). Reddbeard the pirate is currently residing in mine and I’ve already added about 10 plugins to him I wrote in the last 2 days. RDD Dice is going to be something funny to play with, and I wouldn’t recommend putting more than 5-10 RDD in because, well, who wants to spend it? I’m currently using node-reddcoin to bridge the gap and handle users, addresses, and more. mongodb to do the userid/addresses.