Q&A: Blackmails, Reddcoin LTD and AMA

It came to my attention that some past members of Reddcoin are not happy with the way me and laudney are running Reddcoin. I’m fine with this and i’m open to criticism. Criticism are here so we can improve what we do.

With that being said, I have a problem when someone is sending me and other members blackmails. Shane from ReddAPI is obviously really mad about his experience with us. Since we are open about everything, I decided to make this post so we can talk about it.

This was sent to me by ReddTsunami who was very upset by the aggressive insult he received and he felt the information was important to be known by the community at large.


This was sent directly to me on Reddit.


Feel free to ask questions, we are here to answer.

Reddcoin Thank you for making this post. I hope it can be used to start a constructive discussion on this topic. I’m watching Reddcoin since May or June and I don’t know everything about the past and what exactly drives people so mad, but we all should try to keep emotions out of this game. The moderators and the rest of the community.
I just have one question: Could you post some information in the future when people are banned or posts are getting deleted. It is not always clear why this happened and that keeps the feeling that anyone could get banned by posting something “wrong” without intending to act in a wrong way.


Moderation is a very difficult job.

I honestly feel like it is important to moderate quite strictly. You only need to read all the altcoin threads on Bitcointalk to see why this is necessary.

I think u/Reddcoin’s recent posts including this one are an important step to take for our community. We need to have balanced discussion.

It is not possible to make the “right” call every single time without fail. It’s tough. The first thing Laudney said to me when I became a mod on Reddit was “Welcome to hell.”



So what’s to tell about the company

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I’m so confused -_- Why did he say “Laudney ruined Reddcoin” and what is he saying he’ll expose? Doesn’t he say to release the details? So where are they?

Dan In October, Jonathan and I registered a company called Reddcoin Ltd in UK for one main reason: up to now Reddcoin Project is driven by volunteers. Development work is paid for from the IPO pot. But it has become very obvious that building all the infrastructure outlined in our vision based on only voluntary work is infeasible because people only work in their spare time, when they feel like it and when they feel it’s fun. The contribution is too inconsistent and sporadic which is the reason why we have stopped giving hard deadlines for deliveries (not to mention that it’s notoriously difficult for any software project to meet deadline and quality requirement).

So Reddcoin Ltd was set up to explore the options to hire people full-time to work on the project. And there are already several people in the dev team who have privately expressed strong interests in joining us. If anything, they may be a bit frustrated that the Ltd is not moving as quickly as they’d like to mainly because I think the main ramp-up should be after we deliver a working Social X. But anyway, the company is there, with all the paperworks, represented by a global top 5 law firm with offices in multiple regions including London, Silicon Valley and New York. The foundation is there.

We haven’t announce it because the Ltd currently is not really very active in operations right now as we are working on implementing Social X.


m3ndi3 Get some popcorn, sit back and relax and enjoy the show, sunlight is a great disinfectant.


m3ndi3 said:

I’m so confused -_- Why did he say “Laudney ruined Reddcoin” and what is he saying he’ll expose? Doesn’t he say to release the details? So where are they?

I’ve been a member of the community for half a year and a member of the Reddcoin team for 3 or 4 months. I have come to understand the situation with ReddAPI and his problematic relationship with the team. Whenever people work together there are stresses at certain points. Some people manage this better than others.

I believe that what ReddAPI means when he says “Laudney ruined Reddcoin” is that he thinks that Laudney has been managing the Reddcoin team in a manner he believes is too strict or controlling. He may also be referring to the fact that, as a moderator, Laudney shares the responsibility with the moderation team for the ups and downs regarding moderating the community chat on Reddit.

My opinion on the Reddcoin team and Laudney’s role as Lead developer is very different. It is clear to me that one of the things that underlies everything with Reddcoin is the fact that the team and development is run in a serious way, but not overbearing. It is basic professionalism. I have experience in working with people and running a team; currently I am directing a team of 8-10 people on a complex e-commerce project.

Regarding the “exposing”, ReddAPI is referring to Reddcoin Ltd. I think I should leave the start of that part of this discussion to Reddcoin or Laudney. I think they will explain more soon! :slight_smile:

EDIT: I see Laudney has already opened the Ltd discussion!


You may not like what I’m about to say but I’m not in favour of bringing full emails like these to public! I’m not.

Lead by example, we all have good days and bad days. -> To be mod one need moderation!

WE only do as last resource and when people don’t believe in OUR claims which is not the case. Everyone here wants this project to succeed and despite personal differences and points of view no one should be scrutinized. Emotions get in our heads faster when reading.

We are all grown up people and this is privacy Realm. Past Reddit events on reddit have been WORSE and at that time We didn’t follow this path. Or opinions between members are personal and private. I would not like to see my intimacy collection published online… if you know what I mean. :wink:

If we avoid this behaviour others will avoid it too. Please ask permissions before. I receive death treats and is not pleasant police is the place.

Online scrutiny is linked to manipulation and we don’t need that. :wink:

That said: “Reddcoin, LTD” Finnally you are bringing some real investors $$ in to marketing this properly? hahaha ;D

After all I like this one very much!


laudney reddibrek Thanks so much for helping me understand! It definitely makes sense to create Reddcoin LTD, and you really see the professionalism and progress it has made so far. Thank you Reddcoin team for working so hard!!


What happened with bigredd? :confused:


m3ndi3 I’m really grateful to have found Reddcoin. I have been interested in cryptocurrency for a while but did not feel really happy with a project until I discovered Reddcoin. It is such a relief to be able to relax in the knowledge that there is a team of skilled people working with a genuine long-term vision. That was the biggest hurdle for me in actually becoming involved in a project. Now I can put work in to something without worrying whether or not anyone else is really in for the long haul.


Im grateful that reddcoin is bigger than the *********** that will pop up every so often.

Everyone has their views on how something should proceed, however this is not a democracy. In fact I would be sincerely concerned if reddcoin were guided by anyone other than the devs.

Our job as a community is to represent reddcoin to the best of our abilities. If someone doesnt agree with the devs, there are 100’s of hype coins out there to go play with.


Before I went into Reddcoin I have checked several other communities. These type of things happened to many of them and it´s always better to carry out debates in an open discourse. Having saiid this, I don´t really like the way of threatening people into telling things one wants to see revealed.

Anyway, more important than a debate over the reasons why “many developers have left” is discussing how we can find a way that allows us - and in particular the developers - to cope with any type of discent. Discent itself is not a problem, it is the most natural thing in any type of social endeavour. Even more if you put several highly skilled people with own ideas about a decentralized network into one team. However, it is also something we need to work on and find solutions that will allow us to put discent aside.

Having said this, I - as others did before - would like to underpin that I strongly believe that the idea of what has been presented as Reddcoin Ltd. sounds reasonable and even necessary. I would like to see more discussions here.


ReddcoinRocks I’ll just talk about my personal opinions on moderation.

First, being a mod for any forum is a hellish job. By definition the job involves removing stuff that other people feel strongly about to share with the public. No author wants her post to be removed, even spammers.

Second, being a mod for /r/Reddcoin is to live in a very special place in hell and that’s what we tell all new mods when they join but I doubt they understood what it meant at the time. And some of them do burn out.

I’m fully aware of the possibility of leaving moderation to bare minimum and let communities use upvotes and downvotes to filter out the filth. We tried it for some time and It doesn’t quite work due to several reasons:

  1. It’s trivial to make up misinformation than to correct it. For example, some speculators have always tried to make up news to hype up or push down RDD prices. They can easily create new accounts or hire other accounts (which are anonymous on Reddit anyway) to spread the information but each time they make a post, several upright members of the community have to jump in and correct it and defend the truth. It’s fine for the first couple of times. But all members can be overwhelmed and burnt out when these posts appear in large numbers. Again, is it a full-time job of the community to constantly defend against people with malicious intentions? Or is it more efficient to filter out those posts all together through mods?

  2. When a new joiner visits the subreddit, is it better for her to see a friendly and constructive environment or useful discussions buried among loads of attacks and defence?

  3. In the end, it’s really really hard to strike a balance. It took me a while to understand the perverse mechanics behind Reddit to realise that an official forum with the right reputation system would solve most of the problems, which is why this forum was launched. Since then I’ve personally stopped visiting the subreddit all together. And the moderation of this forum is 99.9% on auto-pilot with the sole exception of the removal of yesterday’s post about long block intervals. (I personally believe the removal is a mistake.)

  4. Jonathan can be over-protective sometimes, but I can totally understand where he’s coming from. He created Reddcoin. Reddcoin is his baby. All Reddheads are like the close friends of his baby and he genuinely feels an obligation to protect everyone from the noise and filth. So yes, sometimes he does remove a few posts that are not that bad and people start a riot. This causes frustration for everyone.

I’ve talked to Jonathan today and I think going forward we should all keep moderation on /r/Reddcoin to the bare minimum, e.g. removing ad spamming.


Oliver I agree with you Oliver - revealing mails is not the best way to start a productive debate. On the other hand it´s the good right of the OP to do so, especially as this is in fact blackmailing. Anyway, I´m all for deleting the quotations from the post so we can have a debate about the issue, not about the tone.

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artiscience said:

Before I went into Reddcoin I have checked several other communities. These type of things happened to many of them…

…Anyway, more important than a debate over the reasons why “many developers have left” is discussing how we can find a way that allows us - and in particular the developers - to cope with any type of discent…

Stress, arguments, etc. are all absolutely, totally normal in any situation where you have more than one person spending time together.

It would be abnormal if this didn’t happen!

Genuine scandals - thefts, fraud, etc. - have actually happened within other communities / cryptocurrency organisations. This Reddcoin discussion is about normal up and down human being stuff.

It is impossible to please everyone in a community. I think more efforts have been made by the Reddcoin team and community to ensure things remain healthy and happy than in most.

But it is very important to remember that if real value is to be added to the Reddcoin network then development must be serious and sustained, and for the team to be able to move ahead and function then a certain consensus is necessary. Again, this is completely normal. The following anecdote is not to do with Reddcoin, but there is one guy at my work (day-job) who just couldn’t stop criticising and causing trouble for the team. I was obliged to stop him from working with us any more. This is just an ordinary everyday work environment and it is necessary to adjust the team and the way things work to help a project actually move forward. As I said, I am not referring to any specific case with the Reddcoin team, but it is just one example of the way things naturally go when people work together.


laudney You made some good points there and it helps to understand your motivations. I think you have changed my view in some points.

There is just one case that still leaves a bad taste. It is about removing active members of this community (banning people).
I remember some weeks ago when I saw some members disappeared from /r/reddCoin/ after a heated discussion. some of these members were active for months and after their ban I reviewed their posts and couldn’t find that one bad post that could legitimate a ban of a member that has months of (productive) activity in this community. there were some deleted posts, and maybe these posts were the reason for a ban but just looking in the profiles of these users I couldn’t find any legitimation for a ban.
I think that is why some people think about the moderation as “harsh”.


iisurge Reddcoin Project so far is an open source project. Anyone in the world can choose to contribute to the project if she feels like so. Github is a great place for collaboration on the source code. Anyone can report bugs and even better create pull request (i.e. patches) to make the code of Reddcoin better.

Anyone can contribute anytime for any reason but usually there are three necessary conditions:

  1. sufficient spare time
  2. sufficient fun
  3. one eats what one cooks (i.e. one is a user of her own contribution)

I’m not inclined to disclosing why some of the previous developers left without their explicit permission. And they can all chip in here if they feel like it. But the number one reason is time. The number two reason is not-enough-fun.

As for Mike (Bigreddmachine), when several months ago I asked him to be in charge of our Wiki, he accepted but told me very explicitly that someday maybe I’d want to replace him due to his limited commitment of time. He’s done a great job on that.

Most recently I told him to take a break because it has become very apparent to me (not sure whether it’s apparent to him) that he’s really stressed out about how much Reddcoin is hated by some crypto users and questioned why we banned certain people. We had an internal discussion which got emotional so we decided to take a break. This is before the launch of this forum and is actually the main catalyst for it. We haven’t spoken much since. We may very soon.


laudney so if im understanding he hasn’t “left” just was never “full time” and he may help again? If so thats great to hear, he’s one of my favorite devs