Reddcoin Core 2.1


Reddcoin Core 2.1 will be an update to the core components of Reddcoin : reddcoin-qt and reddcoind. One of the key improvements is expected to be a speedup for the blockchain synchronization process - something we read a lot of negative comments about - and understandably so. I have a 2011 vintage laptop which I use for testing. It takes more than a few days to chew through the blockchain sync. Old though it may be, it’s my favorite benchmark of acceptable performance.

First let me explain why blockchain sync is slow, then explain what will be done to speed it up.

The Reddcoin blockchain is up to block 1760528 whereas Bitcoin is up to block 472265 (as I write this). That the Reddcoin blockchain is 3.7 times longer despite only having been alive since 21 Jan 2014 versus Bitcoin’s birth in 2009 may come as a surprise, until you remember that Reddcoin’s block time of 60s is one tenth’s of Bitcoin’s 10min block time. Under normal operating conditions on recent hardware you are unlikely to notice any performance hit. But the blockchain synchronization process cruelly throws the spotlight on one of the more CPU intensive aspects of maintaining a blockchain - block validation - something every network node does whether a new block is propagating through the network or an old block is being synced from either a bootstrap file or a network peer. Whatever performance issues Bitcoin 0.9 had during blockchain synchronization, Reddcoin necessarily suffers 10x worse.

Whilst making Bitcoin comparisons, it’s useful to recall the origins of our current Reddcoin Core 2.0.

Reddcoin Core 2.0 is based on Bitcoin 0.9 with the PoSV code from Reddcoin 1.4 reintegrated - work that Gnasher completed almost a year ago specifically to incorporate the OP_RETURN feature from Bitcoin 0.9 which is a key enabler for Redd-ID. Peering at the Github tea leaves it is evident that synchronization performance was thought to be an issue in Bitcoin 0.9 because there were features introduced in later versions to address specifically this concern. And it is precisely these features we plan to integrate into Reddcoin Core 2.1 as part of the overall strategy of shadowing the Bitcoin code base as and when the need arises to move things forwards. My personal dream is getting SegWit live on Reddcoin, but clearly with rather empty blocks and 10x the capacity of Bitcoin, we’re way off needing something like a Reddcoin Lightening Network yet. But it is good to know we have that option open to us in our future road map.

Therefore the work currently underway for Reddcoin 2.1 is expected to include two features that will accelerate the blockchain synchronization process:

1 - “headers first” synchronization taken from Bitcoin 0.10

2 - Removal of the openssl lib dependency and replacing that very generic and slow elliptic curve crypto code with an optimized internal implementation originally developed for Bitcoin 0.12.

Whether this work will get Reddcoin Core all the way up to Bitcoin 0.12 remains to be seen. The base target is Bitcoin 0.10 with at least one 0.12 feature.

I don’t yet know what kind of speedup we should expect from this, but I am hopeful of something significant. I plan to publish timing comparisons once I have a beta of 2.1 with these features working. Anyone eager to know sooner is welcome to test Bitcoin 0.9 vs. Bitcoin 0.12.

Meanwhile with Redd-ID close to entering beta testing and a great mobile wallet team taking shape off the back of the recent upsurge of interest in Reddcoin, we can expect 2017 to be a good year for Reddcoin.

Keep on staking !


Stop teasing me!!! :), great features and I can’t wait, reddcoin to the moon.


It looks like Christmas is coming early lads. Great work can’t wait to see the release along with Redd-ID!


henry on reddcoin road map, it did say something about improving proof of stake towards the end of the year, rewarding loyal stakers with 10 to 12% instead of the current 5%, do you know if this will still happen this year?


That’s unlikely to be in 2.1 but rather 2.2. We want to get that sync issue put to bed sooner than it would take to get PoSV 2.0 out.


When will these update be available??


Q4 2017 according to the road map


Great. Keep up the good work


Make ReddCoin great again! :slight_smile:


shooriko said in Reddcoin Core 2.1:

Make ReddCoin great again! :slight_smile:

No. It was already great. We’re going to make it better…No need for re-framing crappy quotes from horrible “politicians”.


shooriko Yes, Reddcoin is “great” and sitting at the bottom of all alt coins. No one is buying it.


Bueno y cual es la mayor inovacion que tiene reddcoin? a cuanto asciende su ambicion para prometer un alza radical


ashu7500265 said in Reddcoin Core 2.1:

shooriko Yes, Reddcoin is “great” and sitting at the bottom of all alt coins. No one is buying it.

Let’s make it great again. :slight_smile:


ashu7500265 Sounds like an AMAZING buying opportunity to me. I’ll accumulate as many coins as I can on the bottom.


reddjay Agreed. Though we do have to advertise the updates that the community makes. We cannot just secretly make updates to the coin and then expect people to just somehow know and invest. We gotta tell people about the amazing updates that ReddCoin has to offer.


shooriko Very true. I think letting people know about updates will be an important part of making people excited about RDD.


reddjay Exactly, or else, how can we expect them to just know and invest into a random coin? They need to know why ReddCoin is unique and special and why they should invest into it. If we let people know about our progress and keep the investing community updated, they will certainly be able to see the real value of ReddCoin. As an investor, I am personally questioning, and I am certain many others are also questioning - how will ReddCoin achieve capturing the social media market? Likewise, how will ReddCoin make it easier and incorporated into the websites? Will they partner with YouTube, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Etc.?


shooriko good question…


Reddcoin Tip platform plugin on Chrome doesnt work for me. Cant tip anyone. Do you need a synchronized core wallet for it to work? Or does the devs simply need to improve it…?


Buttington said in Reddcoin Core 2.1:

Reddcoin Tip platform plugin on Chrome doesnt work for me. Cant tip anyone. Do you need a synchronized core wallet for it to work? Or does the devs simply need to improve it…?

It’s quite out-dated and that’s problematic: as it relies on the front-end of for example Twitter, which changed dramatically since then. It’s made by a inactive dev, so that’s most likely why it’s still published. Look out for Redd-Id integration to be the replacement.