Reddcoin Core 2.1


lionzeye Redd- ID will be able to tip on twitter, facebook etc without any browser plugin? Or they are making new plugins for ReddID?


Buttington user interface integration will require some sort of extension to inject the user interface elements. You can of course always tip directly to a Redd-Id instead, like 1000 RDD to Redd-Id ‘gnasher’.


lionzeye How do you tip directly??


onyema if I register the Redd-Id ‘lionzeye’ whenever it comes out, one could send a transaction to my Redd-Id instead of a long and complex public key hash.


lionzeye i understand. Thats when redd-id is implemented right?


onyema Yes, that is correct


lionzeye any updates with the hd web wallet and Reddid ?


Thanks for the updates!


Good day,

you also release a GitHub Source Code Version for the Raspberry Pi?

The actually version have no function on the Pi??



I know you and I don’t see eye to eye on all things henry. But I must admit you are doing a great job.


Just to complement the post I leave this link
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henry said in /404:

Whether this work will get Reddcoin Core all the way up to Bitcoin 0.12 remains to be seen. The base target is Bitcoin 0.10 with at least one 0.12 feature.
I don’t yet know what kind of speedup we should expect from this, but I am hopeful of something significant. I plan to publish timing comparisons once I have a beta of 2.1 with these features working. Anyone eager to know sooner is welcome to test Bitcoin 0.9 vs. Bitcoin 0.12.
Meanwhile with Redd-ID close to entering beta testing and a great mobile wallet team taking shape off the back of the recent upsurge of interest in Reddcoin, we can expect 2017 to be a good year for Reddcoin.
Keep on staking !

Good Job!


mralanc - I think you’re doing a great job too, and thank you for updating the post we discussed. But here’s the really great news. The Reddcoin Community at large has a very wide range of skill sets available to it and we are all working towards a common goal through a shared interest. None of us, or even a small group of us, could do this on our own. Everybody is adding value at some level and in a way suited to their interests and at a pace suited to their “real life” commitments.


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I like the increased use of meme’s on this forum :slight_smile:
Adds some fun to it


Redd-ID… :sleepy:


Fruchocs anticipation can be a killer trust me im in a tough spot financially but ya gotta let these guys do what they do in their time frame I see it as we get a chance to brainstorm and not feel rushed ourselves and its still easy to grab up extra coin if we get a chance


shadowradio financially I’m also fucked. Put all my money in to them Reddz. #oops


how things change so quickly…now everyone back on Redd-train.


dddthemachine nono, I bought more at the lowest dip yesterday

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