Reddcoin Core 2.1


dddthemachine Indeed!


Username / Website said:

Reddcoin Redd-ID is a unique service provided at the blockchain level which allows a user to associate a username with rich information including public keys and social network identities

Any notes on what the features will be or which platforms compatible with Redd-ID??

Looking good for the future.


有没有中文用户 今天买了一些reddcoin觉得比较有潜力


Hi everyone

My name is Merel and im checking if i should invest into cryptoland

As im a newbie im trying the cryptoland and im just trying out this reddcoin.
is it any good ?

If you want you can tip me :smiley:



reddcointansu2 Yes. we need China investment :slight_smile: Les’t go to


reddcointansu2 sion650 China all the way !!


Hey someone gave me 50 reddcoin

to whoever did this thank you!

what can i do with the coins ? can i use it afterwards to buy shoes ?

More ppl can fund me if they want :stuck_out_tongue: :3



right now with the current state of reddcoin it is micro funding. %0 coins isnt much but if many people give 50 coins yes you could cash out for bitcoin on an exchange and then buy shoes. Also now accepts reddcoin. I have a site for fundraising in RDD through micro transactions. together with raising popularity we will be able to slowly fund projects more and more as more people want to buy reddcoin and fund projects. We are also setting up a services through multiple vendors who will convert coin to cash through us.


Here are some screen shots of how it would work.

alt text

alt text


shadowradio Wow cool

This can be very good to have :slight_smile:


waiting for redd id. will it come out in 2017? any suggestions
tip me.


reddfan1207 Its scheduled for this quarter so i would say anytime now through september.


dudilicious the system is functional and a release date has been set it was just randomized a bit. But we should see it this quarter the team knows that by telling us Redd ID is finished and just waiting that it would be bad to back out now.


what is relisted ? as in dissapear ?


We have till sept 30 you fool dudilicious


Please pay more attention* to your English teacher


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for anyone reading this dudilicious is obsessed and we arent sure why but unless its after September 30th 2017 Redd ID is still on schedule unless otherwise noted by its dev who doesnt have time to argue thus we argue in their name as its not polite for people to bad mouth peopel behind their back while they are busy Gnasher is the only person you need to listen to on the Redd ID development if you have doubts.


dudilicious You count to learn to start. The third quarter ends on September 30


fantom it’s the same argument he’s pulling on Reddit.