State of the Redd-Nation :: Mar 21, 2016

Reddcoin Weekly Development Update

Welcome again to another weekly update of Reddcoin Development.

There continues to be good progress on all fronts for the Core wallet development. The main focus currently remains on completing v2.0 wallet as it forms the foundation for Reddcoin moving forward. With this, there continues to be improvements and validation of the work that has been done so far. The good news is we are getting close to providing a full release

Building on the foundation of the Core Wallet will be the ReddID blockchain based identification system. As we have discussed before, the ReddID system will allow for the easy translation between an easy to remember UserID and a wallet address. This will simplify the transaction process between users

However, ReddID is just the beginning and how we use the ReddID system will go beyond just being able to easily identify the destination of a transfer. I have always promoted, usability and utility and on the side of utility is putting in place functions for the Reddcoin network that help promote and support an entire crypto-currency eco-system.

I will be providing updates to ReddID as development progresses

New Wallet - RC1d development update

We are working through at a good pace with the new wallet. I have pushed it out to a few more users this last week for testing and review. The more eyeballs on it now looking for bugs and the like will help to make a successful deployment.

We are getting close to the point where we need to start inform exchanges and service providers that a new release is pending. I would like to give them the opportunity to test and prepare themselves with the new version first before pushing out to the general population. The intention here is not to have a coordinated upgrade, but rather allow these businesses to prepare themselves as best as possible as usually there is addition checks and balances they will perform.

This week a special thanks goes out to both Didi and Deadpool

Over the last week Didi has been begun preparing a document to detail the degree of improvement in the speed of syncing the blockchain from the initial start to completion. As everyone knows, the time to sync the blockchain is ever increasing and can take quite a while before the wallet can be used.

Didi graciously has set up an environment to test using a combination of win32/64bit wallets using either SSD or normal HDD and to compare between v1.4.1 and v2.0.0. There are a lot of combinations to go over and a lot of data to download, so the testing is not yet complete , but I thought it worthwhile to mention that in the tests thus far the improvement has been significant. The sample data is small, but in the tests so far it is about twice as fast to download using v2.0.0

The following image shows a comparison of one pass

BlockChain Download Speed

After the discussion on translations last week, Deadpool jumped in and immediately started getting the French translations into shape. He has now completed the 3 French files to 100%

  • French(France)
  • French(Canada)
  • French

Fantastic effort Deadpool

French Language Update

This week, I will be making a pull of the language files and generating an updated binary suite

The reported bug from last week on the import of the addressbook has been removed from the issues list. This was not a bug, but rather the display of addresses moved within the GUI to a new location. This triggered an improvement to the labelling of the Tab to better indicate the operation.

The next stage will be to test the upgrade process of the network, simulating the the switch over to v4 blocks and a fall back plan.

Great progress and thanks to all.

ReddID Updates

Development progress on ReddID is coming along nicely. With some basic functionality now available in that I am able to write to and read data from the testnet blockchain.

There is a lot to cover here with both backend services and the client side. The goal is to provide a seamless user experience.

On the front end, I am focussing on the original browser wallet and incorporating the functionality to both register, maintain and use the ReddID. The importance here is to be as simple yet functional as possible. There are some additional functions to be able to search for users and verify the sending address

On the backend, I am looking at a number of different functions, the core component obviously being the managing and maintaining of the user space, but also some as yet not announced functions that will extend ReddID as an all encompassing tipping platform.

The goal is to create as decentralised platform as possible for tipping. That is, keep your funds off centralised servers, and have them in a wallet that you control.

Getting involved

Since last week, a few more of you have stepped up to get involved in the community in a more tangible way. I find it encouraging that the community support for this project continues to grow.

Since becoming involved as a developer, I have been less inclined to talk about price as a measure of success. And you wont find me talk about it too much these days. What I do look for is the trends and statistics showing the over all interest that the community has in this project.

It has been all of you who continue to contribute to comments on the forums, running nodes, participating in trading that show a steady upward trend. This has brought many new faces.

In the last week, I have also been visiting our friends on some of the chinese forums. It is good to see there is an interest there even though there are no trading exchanges.

If you would like to get involved and dont know where to start, reach out and we will see where you can jump in


One of the activities that needs to be done is to review the current translations for Reddcoin V2.0. We follow the same procedure as Bitcoin, using a service by Traniflex to manage and maintain the translation files.

I am looking for people who would like to have a look into the following languages:

  • Russian (27% completed)
  • Ukrainian (43% completed)
  • German (69% completed)
  • Chinese (73% completed)
  • Hindi (11% completed)
  • Spanish (69% completed)
  • Portugese (27% completed)
  • French (100% completed)
  • Dutch (69% completed)
  • Tagalog (0% completed) Have someone interested in doing this

Of course your welcome to contribute to any other of the languages as well.
We currently have 60 languages on file, and you can add to this if needed (Klingon anyone??)

PM me if you are interested (we have already had some starters)

In Closing

This coming week is going to be rather short for me with a 4 day weekend looming. Suffice to say I find it hard to stop the ideas for Reddcoin coming. I have a running “Gnashers Brainstorming Doc” that is constantly updated and revised.

Where ever you are, have a good week

Keep on staking!

It goes without saying that i’m obviously biased but if i try to read this from the perspective of someone new-ish (or not!) to the altcoin scenario, i find it hard to not get a bit excited with the potential and progress of this project. And needless to say the foundations are very solid, so if we also account for that it’s pretty difficult to find reasons to dismiss Reddcoin (i’m thinking about the countless haters we’ve had over the course of two years… and countig).

Really great stuff… thanks for your hard work, everyone.


Again, and as usual this is very good news.
I would add considering your “getting involved” part, anyone who wants to know what needs to be done regarding non-core(dev) tasks, We got a trello board for people to join, assign themselves to tasks and/or create new tasks.

So I encourage people to send me their Trello ID (if they already have one) or to give me an e-mail address in PM I vcan send a Trello invite to.

Cheers !


DeadPool thanks. good point

Привет, парни. Я хочу помочь вам с переводом на русский язык.

Hi guys. I want to help you with the translation into Russian.
Thank you.

I wrote this quick guide to get started

Let me know if you have any questions

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You encountered such a problem ?

SYAR i just loaded up the page (russian), and it seemed to load ok.

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syar I did, i believe you have to wait to be added to the russian team to be able to load the strings to translate.
Once gnasher will allow you access, you will be good to go.

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Also SYAR , if you want to get more involved in the community (and there are other translations incoming) I can add you to our Trello board. To do so , either you send me in PM you Trello ID (if you already got one), either an e-mail address I can send the invite to.

THanks !

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I’m getting the same error for Dutch, Gnasher can you approve me for the translation team?

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thijs done. You have been approved

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Gnasher, Amazing progress! I’ve recently become a long-term investor in ReddCoin. A question/suggestion? From a Social perspective, have you guys thought about working with Microsoft to bring your Blockchain as a Service to Azure? I believe this would help a lot spreading the word and motivate developers to play with the blockchain, think on social apps, plugins and so… What are your thoughts on that?

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I was always skeptical about investment in cryptocurrencies. It is kind of game not a real investment like in Real Estate. But in my opinion reddcoin should grow at least to 0,1 cents if we are thinking about it as a social currency. Otherwise what the purpose of tips if the value is very low. It should have value each coin and this needs time and a lot of development.

thijs Fellow dutchie ^^


By the way. Are you guys adding precompiled raspberry pi wallets?

Lowww this could be a consideration, generally, most people would compile their own, but, with more popularity, I think it is becoming evident that this should be considered.

The other option as you suggested on your other post, would be to create a specific OS containing the build

Gnasher I think we need to invest in more precompiled stuff to make it easy for new adopters. The more Reddcoin precooks for its users, the more that will “give it a go” without the hassle.


Lowww Hey man, i was going to PM you but let’s coordinate in here better, for the sake of transparency and keeping everyone in the loop. :slight_smile:

So, i have a Pi B+ w/ a stock debian weezy running the daemon alone, no gui. We could use that but i don’t think it is user friendly, at all. Also, while v1.4.1 runns (barely) on the Pi, v2.0 takes more system resources (specially RAM) so i’m not entirely sure that it will work… i have yet to test it.

What do you think we can do? Can you try it and report your findings, or should i do it first? Please take note that you’ll need a copy of the whole blockchain (no bootstrap), prefferably made with another linux distro. Synching a Pi can take months… i’m not kidding.

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Didi I now have the wallet running on my pi2. What I did was compile the wallet for my pi using the tutorial on reddit. Then I tried bootstrapping, but that was just to slow. After that I transferred the whole block folder to my pi and replaced the block folder in .reddcoin. It took about 12 hours to resync the wallet (stuck at splash). So now everything is working and we may need to include a complete copy of the blockchain when we are going to do this :slight_smile: