State of the Redd-Nation :: October 01, 2017

Reddcoin Development Update - 01 Oct 2017

2017 - Q3 Update

Coming out of hibernation

Firstly, my sincere apologies to everyone that Redd-ID has not been delivered in the expected timeframe (Q3).

The last 6 months have been exceptionally challenging on a personal basis after being required to return to full-time employment of which, the time investment required to engage in that role has been far greater than anticipated.

This unfortunately had a number of undesirable effects of which, eating into any available time for development, not being available to respond to reported issues or update configurations and impacting my ability to effectively communicate not only to the core team, but also to the broader and active community.

Effectively I went dark.

I accept that this not acceptable behaviour, especially from someone who has lead this project for over 2 years.

Redd-ID status

Since my last development update, a number of significant changes to Redd-ID have needed to be implemented to improve the overall design goal.

Of these:

  • incorporating electrum wallet (providing key-word recovery)
  • reinstating electrum servers to provide backend support
  • switching across to mainnet to support electrum infrustructure
  • switching to externally hosted VPS servers to allow broader participation
  • identifying code signing issues that needed to support the low_s signature requirements of BIP66

In order to get this project moving, the design phylosophy has switched from going to market with the perfect product over to MVP (minimal viable product).

In doing so will allow pushing out smaller incremental changes, that dont take as long to implement and can be pushed out more quickly.

Community Structure

Based on the issues presented above, and in an effort to provide up to date information more regularly there has been a push to identify key people who can help participate in the project in a more official capacity.

In the coming weeks, expect to see some announcments around the topic of offical community representation.

Community Meetups

I also wanted to highlight that I have started conducting small cummunity meetups. The goal is to be able to conduct once a month in a suitable location in and around Sydney.

While not specifically Reddcoin related (There is always time to weave that information in) It is about educating the community on the benefits of blockchain technology, and how application (like Reddcoin) can provide a broad benefit to the community.

In Closing

Thank you everyone for your patience.
It has been a tough year in missing launch dates.
And while it has been quite the ride up to this point, in this arena things do move fast. We are confident that you will enjoy what we will deliver.

As always, there is still plenty to do, and there is no time for resting.

Stake On!

(John Nash)

Just do what u want ,nobody believes you anymore and who the fock are you gnasher where are you working what is your real name, whats your previous projects. Focking whale hungry for more money


Well basically what you are saying is that you did nothing for the coin, all other devs, who left, were absolutely right that you are NOT giving them any info and basically doing nothing. The best part is that you couldn’t find 5 mins to write this? Really? What is your job man? Lets face it dude, you were just not giving a fuck about RDD and now, when you saw that a lot of people are basically tired from your shit, decided to write this damn childish apology. No need for that. It’s pathetic. And for all your trolls, who are going to tell me that I’m rude - I don’t give a fuck, you are like I already said - sitnky, lazy, crying, little whore. Enjoy your RedShitCoin.


Man I was a believer and was onboard from the start, but now I sure wish that I cashed out in June, it sucks, is there going to be another bump?

You had a TEAM working with you… .but you shut them out… and now they have left… And you expect us to feel sorry for you? I have had faith in the coin for the last few years… holding several million RDD just WAITING for Redd-ID to be released… And once again… I have been LET DOWN. The simple fact you wanted to change the name of a product that has been anticipated for YEARS tells me you have ZERO business smarts… and are not suitable to be the head of ANYTHING… You may as well abandon this gnasher… there are other Dev teams out there working on basically the exact same thing, and they WILL beat you to the punch. You no longer have first mover advantage, and this is 100% YOUR FAULT for not allowing your TEAM to help with the development. RDD is dead… Gnasher fucking killed it… Time to move on to BIGGER AND BETTER things than this little shit coin… I too wish I cashed out in June… won’t be making that mistake again!


Forever Redd fuck the haters lets be honest stay the course people now days are hard to please lol

shadowradio It’s not hard to please people… all you have to do… is do what you say you are going to do… Have fun riding this sinking ship…


shadowradio said in State of the Redd-Nation :: October 01, 2017:

Forever Redd fuck the haters lets be honest stay the course people now days are hard to please lol

Иди нахуй, сука.

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Behind the “personality” of Gnasher is a whale team, they already earned alot :wink:

Gnasher will users on Reddcoin Core v2, who’s passphrases got corrupted be able to port over to electrum and get their key recovered?

XXXJAYXXX Ship is only as good as its crew ya know you,me,everyone else that is the crew so if ya dont want the ship to sink take a lead champ otherwise shut up let people work js step up or shut up its very simple

XXXJAYXXX Valid points, and I 100% agree that when is confidence is low, holding coins can become increasingly frustrating. I am happy to relieve you of the burden of holding your coins. PM me and I’ll give you my wallet address.

doesn’t say shit for ages.

then when people start to panic, he comes out and says something.

a good developer would prevent this by having consistent communication with their team.

and as for having no time. HAHA

I work 70+ hours a week and still have time to do everything I want, its not how much time you have its all about priorities. and tbh this tells me he don’t give a fuck about his own company.

why should I trust a man who don’t even care about the future of the company I’m willing to put my hard earned money into?

as a investor this has way too many redflags to get involved in. #imout

roast me if needed , but idgaf because at the end of the day I’m not in redcoat anymore and everyone defending this money hungry whale , is basically just shooting themselves in the foot


and as for the statement he made, thats a poor attempt to save his drowining bussines

Honestly you sound like a whale trying to buy in cheap.

Seems like King Gnash has gone back into hibernation while his yard dogs battle it out for him to hold on to the last bit of gullible retards. Before you dogs start to come at me, I was one of those believers for 3 years, even trying to convince friends and family to buy in. The idea was good, but these whales never followed thru, maybe because they were initially content with the funds they already raked in. But the ship has sailed and the fat lady already sang. There are other cryptos right now doing this type of tipping stuff already, we should have been the first. Had we been the first, that would have been something. It is what it is.


everyone whinges about no updates. finally an update and everyone goes on attack. instead of attacking Gnasher, why don’t we just embrace the message and see what we might be able to do to assist the community. remember there is a community of people out there who believe in Reddcoin and the handful of asshats here who are trying to put Gnasher back in his box could potentially ruin any chances of this community coming back together. Understandably people are emotional over everything, but no point in attacking people. And if you think you could do a better job other than sitting behind your screen being a keyboard warrior, there is always options to fork the code and form your own community.


alancramer another deluded fuck.


admin: can you block smartynose ?

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Try to be clever: give us a feedforward instead of a feedback.