Sync with old passphrase

I have a passphrase for an old reddcoin wallet version. Is there any way to still sync with this old information and recover coins? I’ve downloaded the new 3.01 client and am completing sync now. I don’t see the ability to restore from the passphrase, and am afraid I’m too late per the last wallet release:

Thank you!

What do you mean with “passphrase” exactly? And hoe did you get it, what program did you use? Is it perhaps a private key (and thus not a passphrase)?

Yes, sorry. It is the private key. I think I have it labeled as a passphrase incorrectly. I believe I exported it from the reddcoin client/wallet. This likely would have been early to mid 2018 though is my guess.

You can import the private keys via the console. I’ve written how to do that here: (see the second part of method 2).

Let me know if this has worked for you.

Thanks again, I don’t think it is a private key - it was a 10 word string which I don’t think I can successfully import with the console. Is there any chance the words could restore the info? If not I’m afraid I encrypted it but never successfully backed up the wallet. I appreciate your support.

Have you by any chance used Redd-ID, a browser extension? Here are some screenshots:

That one has a passphrase backup.

The thing is, as far as I know, only beta versions were released. I just searched for it, can’t seem to find anything to download and install, so you can recover your wallet.

Let me know if you recognize Redd-ID.

Hi, Yavuz Selim
Same problem here.
I was also using the Chrome extension up to version 1.1.9
Then at some point it got disabled, no further info.
Like, probably many others, I have all my coins on this wallet.
Did you hear of any way a migration can be made to any other wallet?
Many thanks!

@sideways_x1 and @SimD2:

So, good news, I think.


I assume you have used the Redd-ID browser extension to create a wallet with a seed phrase. I have asked /u/TechAdept (Reddcoin developer) about Redd-ID in the Telegram group, and got the following answer:

The current version (as well as older) of the ReddID extension is open source and available for download in our github at You can click the green button, download the zip, extract and load manually into Chrome. Not simple if you’re not technically familiar. Also, as the backend (name-registration) components aren’t presently operating and require attention, using the extension can be problematic. But it can be downloaded and installed and any captive funds sent out successfully.

We have been doing some work on ReddID but as Gnasher is a critical piece of that work and he’s been working day and night on bringing the core wallet work along, that piece has not progressed, but will be our primary focus after the work on the wallet is done.

And to that topic, yesterday we distributed to the team final versions of Reddcoin Core v3.10.0rc3 which at this time, with no further detected problems, will be the public version v3.10.0 as soon as we’re able to complete the code push and publication to github in the next few hours.

That will be our reference client moving forward as it provides Catalina support along with long required security and feature updates. We’ll be publishing the full write up on that later today or as soon as we’ve taken care of the details…and then we can get back to the important work around ReddID and actual tipping with Reddcoin. Is that a good answer? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::sunglasses::nerd_face::muscle:🏻


So, you can try to get the browser extension running yourself. If you can get it to work, you should be able to access your wallet and funds.


I haven’t tried it myself, so I can’t help you. Let me know if you have got it working. If not, I could look into it (without any promises).

You responded fast, with factual material that was really helpful!

Yes! I am talking about the Redd-ID Chrome Browser Extension.

Thanks for contacting TechAdept and sincere thanks to TechAdept for explaining the issue and suggesting a possible workaround. I will try it sometime this week and see how far I get. If I am successful I will post the instructions here for others.

Last ask.
Do you mind passing this to TechAdept.

  1. This will calm a lot of nerves (there are > 700 users stuck on this wallet and some of them have all of their coins on it).
  2. It restores calm and confidence among users, which is so important for the success of the project.

Hi TechAdept,
The hard work of your core team and the volunteers is unconditionally impressive!
Could you please make an official posting dedicated specifically to the Redd-ID Browsers Wallet?

----------- My words - please edit as you see fit ---------------------
Hi Redd heads!
Due to the soft-fork we needed to complete, to assure scalability of out network, we had to focus on the core infrastructure first.
Because of this migration we had to turn off secondary apps pending their upgrade. Otherwise they would have become unstable.

Rest assured, your funds have not been lost.

The next is IMPORTANT:
If you still have the seed phrase you used to create your wallet on the Redd-ID browser extension you will be able to initialize all new versions of this wallet.

At the moment we do not have a time-line for this upgrade but our intention is to get to releasing an new version as soon as possible.

----------------- Alternative Text ---------------------
The top portion of the above but in case you do NOT intend to upgrade the Redd-ID browser wallet EVER.
In this case you can say something to the tune of:
“Being aware that many of you might hold considerable amount of coins on the disabled wallets we will offer an import function in the new core wallet. There is no time-line for this at the moment, however we have promised to not leave a Redd head behind - so it is our intention to help you transfer your stuck funds as soon as we can get to it.”

--------- The next is pure speculation, so take as such ---------------
As to “Why was not this done already?” the answer is simple.
ReddCoin is now running with the “big boys”. It takes money and time to race on this race-track. If you help us with donations we will be able to complete stages faster. If not, then please just wait and rest assured that we are working hard, given the time and resources.