Volunteers to test hierarchical deterministic Qt wallet

Dear Reddheads:

I’m finishing the implementation of HD Qt wallet (e.g. using Electrum seed, getting rid of the key pool). If anyone is interested in testing it, please reply below and I’ll be in touch in coming weeks.


I will give it a shot!

laudney Great news! I’d be happy to test (Windows 8.1 64 bit)

I would love to help test it out.

I could help to test on a raspberry pi (is it still qt4?)

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I’d love to test :smiley:

I’ll test if I can!

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Give me a shot ! Thanks

Hell yeah, I’ve been waiting for this for quite some time! I’m avaliable to test for Windows, Ubuntu, and Raspbian.

If I had the wallet right now, I’d probably be compiling it for 24/7 stability tests on my Raspberry haha

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Count me in.

Sorry for my igborance, but what exactly does hierarchical deterministic Qt wallet mean? Beside that…I’m open for testing.

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artiscience im not 100% sure what it means either :stuck_out_tongue:



Was that on purpose (;

artiscience said:

Sorry for my igborance, but what exactly does hierarchical deterministic Qt wallet mean? Beside that…I’m open for testing.

If I’m correct then it means that you generate all it private keys from 1.phrase. as long as u have this phrase you can get your keys. It’s like a master key :slight_smile:

Naro ah i assumed that was only part of it. Seems like a big term to describe just that :stuck_out_tongue:

iisurge Naro artiscience

More details about HD wallets:


I would like to be on the test group but I don’t see time to do proper testing and report.
In the next month…

As you may seen I have been quite low these days… due to daily work.

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Oliver: posting image because I find it very helpful/interesting:


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The simpleton understanding I have of HD means we wont have to deal with backing up/generating private keys anymore, you’ll be able to generate your keys from a series of 12 words (called a seed, sort of like the Counterparty wallet or Trezor). That means that we can use those same 12 words across multiple devices (browser wallet, QT, mobile, etc) and have access to our Reddcoins from everything (as long as we have our seed).

I love HD in the few things I’ve used it with and think it’s way more user friendly - I even have my 12 word seed memorized. I could access my funds using just my memory if I needed to.

When your ready, i would like to test this against the tipping plugin also

livefromheaven from what I understand its not recommended to have the same address online in two places, does that change with this then?