Wallet not syncing - out of sync

Hi There. I had to shut down my computer for several weeks and when I restarted, my wallet was out of sync and 7 weeks behind. I have upgraded to the latest Reddcoin Core version 3.10.3. My wallet has been 7 weeks behind now for 4 days and just continues to be “out of syn” and “synchronizing with network.” Is there anything I can do to syn my wallet? I am afraid nothing is happening here.

Thank you!

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Hi there.

Which operating system are you using? Linux, macOS or Windows?

Windows… Thank you for helping me!

Please follow these instructions:

  • Make sure Reddcoin Core is not running. If it is, exit/close it.

  • Hold down the 'Windows key" and press ‘R’.
    A window with the title Run will appear on the screen.

  • In the Run window, enter this text and press OK:

  • Windows File Explorer will open. There should be a folder named Reddcoin in there. Open the Reddcoin folder.

  • Rename the peers.dat file, to old_peers.dat for example.

  • After renaming, start Reddcoin Core, and wait a little bit. Reddcoin Core should now connect.

If you still have the issue, let me know.

Thank you. So I followed instructions and restarted Reddcoin Core Wallet and now I am 8 weeks behind w/ out of sync and it says “no block source available” …

Hi, i have the same problem. I just update the old qallet with the new but alwaus keep saying 2 weeks and no block source

Which OS are you running? Linux, macOS or Windows?

Hi, i am using Windows.

  • Update your wallet to v3.10.3 if you are running an older version. Let me know if you need help with this.

  • Make sure Reddcoin Core is not running, exit/close if it is.

  • Hold down the Windows Key and press on ‘R’. A window named ‘Run’ should appear.

  • Enter the following:

  • A new window will open. Find the Reddcoin folder and open it. (This is the Reddcoin data folder.)

  • In your Reddcoin data folder, rename these 2 folders:

    • blocksold_blocks
    • chainstateold_chainstate
  • Start Reddcoin Core.

  • It should be sycing the blockchain from zero… Let it sync fully. Should be done within a day (around 12 hours or so).


Let me know how it goes.

Ok done it, now its said 6 years behind. But on mine dividend it says now 0 coins?

Yes, that’s correct.
The blockchain has all the transactions. When the blockchain is fully synced, the transactions relevant to your wallet will be loaded in, and your balance will be as expected…

Don’t worry, wait until the blockchain is fully synced. Your balance will be displayes correctly.

I am having the same problem as CryptoGA in that my wallet will not complete its syncing. I upgraded my wallet to version 3.10.3 and when I launched the wallet it needed 6 years of syncing. I let this happen overnight and into the next day. It worked well until it got to two weeks behind. At this point it seems to be frozen - after many hours of waiting, it still says 2 weeks behind. I tried renaming the peers data file to old_peers as you suggested to CryotoGA and then relaunched the wallet. It still states that it is two weeks behind and also says there is no block source available. I use windows. Help please.

Hi @BrianO ,

Have you tried this step? Wallet not syncing - out of sync.

Make a backup before you do anything.

Yes I have already tried that step (renaming blocks and chainstate) and the same thing happened in that the wallet seems to freeze when it gets to the point where it says two weeks behind (out of sync).

After renaming the 2 folders, Reddcoin Core started to sync again from 0, right? You needed to sync 6+ years of blockchain?

  • Do you have any stuck transactions? Unconfirmed transactions, transactions with issues etc?

  • Open Help (menu) → Debug window.

    • What is the ‘current number of blocks’ and ‘last block time’?

Can you post a screenshot if possible?

Yes the wallet needed to sync 6+ years of blockchain.

I might have some stuck transactions as I have not been able to stake my coin and the last staking address is from November 9. I have included a picture of the transactions.

In the bedbug window, the current number of blocks is 3540264, and the last block time is Sunday, November 8 03:08:27 2020

And here is a picture of the transactions.


I would like to help you remotely via TeamViewer. Would you be okay with this? If not, I totally understand it, and will write the instructions for you.

If you accept TeamViewer, you will only share your screen with me. I won’t take over your mouse or keyboard, and I will tell you step by step what to do. Doing it this way is easier for both of us… For me, I can help you easier if I see what is shown on your screen.

Anyway, let me know.

Yes I am happy to meet with you via TeamViewer. I am in the North American EST time zone. How do you propose we connect?